Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episodes 3-4 Review

The plot still continues to go nowhere

Well, after taking some criticsm into account, I decided to not change the format of my review style. Just a little bit, only a small segment at the very end that actually talks about what I liked and hated, so with that, let’s get started.

Due to wanting to move on with other posts, I’m going to make this short

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Music of the Week #32

Let’s get some small news on my regular life before I give you guys the weekly music.

I’ve more or less given up on Diablo III’s collector’s edition. Basically, my friend said that if I give him a 100 bucks, he would be able to preorder the CE for me, but because of ACEN, I didn’t have enough money at the time. I said yes to the deal but like an idiot, he waited for me to give him the money and then decided to preorder, and by that time, they were out.  If you don’t know, the collector’s edition comes with

  1. Artbook
  2. Behind the Scenes “Making of the game” CD
  3. A Diablo Skull
  4. A 4gig USB “Soulstone” that fits on the skull and has Diablo II and its expansion pack.
  5. In game Angelic Wings
  6. Other Blizzard game extras (Like WoW pets and SCII portraits)
  7. And of course, the game itself

What I was really going for was the Skull, but I just figured out that the soulstone “fits” on the skull. I was going to buy it on Ebay once the game came out, but seeing that I need the soulstone to make the skull complete, that means spending more money, and I don’t really want that at the moment. So instead, I’m going crazy with the in-game Angel wings that can be toggled on and off for your character. I really am glad that I’m a Witch Doctor player instead of a demon hunter cause if I was, I would be crying because I would have been DYING for those wings. Cause come on, A DEMON HUNTER COULD NOT BE MORE BADASS WITH ANGEL WINGS. But since I’m not, I ain’t dying….yet.

anyways, let’s get on with our music.

Last week, I started out with Eureka 7’s first opening. I already knew Days beforehand so I kinda thought that the series would have some more promising songs for me. But I didn’t really check it out (STILL NEED TO THOUGH). Weeks ago at ACEN, I bought myself a copy of Ouendan 2 and one of the songs there was Shounen Heart by Homemade Kazoku and I just LOVED the song. I was suprised when I saw this was the 2nd opening of Eureka 7 and so here you go,


if you were curious about the cover version from Ouendan 2, here you go

The song sounds like it was sung by an old guy, but that was they were going for. In game, this level focuses on Momotaro (the old japanese folk tale/legend) who has grown old and basically needs to be a hero once more. His occupation was Hero so he needs to step up and beat up the oni again.