Music of the Week #31

We’ve entered a new digit set of 10, but I’m going to switch things up as I decided to change pictures on two different ocassions. One being when we reach another set of 10, or when there’s a picture that is REALLY relevant to the songs that I post every week.

However, that’s probably going to happen in a few weeks. Anyways, I digress

So the next few songs will be from a series that I REALLLLY need to watch. Like I would love to start it, but I just have so much on my plate, and it’s the last quarter for my classes and I want to redeem my suckage. Anyways, the majority of the planned posts are still being written and I actually have a weekend to catch up, so hopefully I can get caught up with all the crap going on.

Oh yeah, small news here: I missed out pre-ordering Diablo III from other major retailers, I guess regular edition is fine, but I would have loved the Diablo skull…..EBAY TIME. But there still might be hope, I just hope that the guy whose getting it for me doesn’t give up looking for the Collector’s Edition too soon…

Moving on, the series is Eureka 7 and this is the first opening: DAYS, by FLOW one of my favorite bands. Me and my brother actually sang this legit at karaoke. Beautiful song, see it and watch it in HD