Game/Figure Wishlist + ACEN: Two and a half days of hunger and sore feet

Lemme get this post done quickly

First things first: Kore wa Zombie, Gametalk, a post about this site’s affiliate/new friend, and etc in that order shall be posted

Anyways, to make a long story short, ACEN was a complete source of awesome. Bunch of cosplay, crap to buy, and a crapton of people. Full story of my 2 and a half day expedition will probably end up in the Author’s Corner. The con was literally walking around. Looking for stuff to buy, stuff to eat, take pictures off, get autographs, attend panels. At least my crew had a nice place to rest when the day was over.

But it was the SHIT, and I spent a hundred dollars less (by not bringing my entire bag o money) than I intended. Even without the shopping scene, it was a hilarious and worthwhile experience.

Either way, I bought a picture, a mug, shirt, artbook, signed ACEN badge, a game, and a figure (which one? well, find out)

Pictures ahead

On the topic of games and figures, I decided to merge the two wishlists into one with this post as well

Game Wishlist

Diablo III: Collectors Edition

At a young age, I saw my brother play Diablo II on our old computer and I thought it was a very well detailed game. I never realized the same people who made Warcraft and Starcraft made this game as well. Now this was back in the 2000’s. Anyways, a lot of time as passed and I wish to delve myself into another well-crafted Blizzard game. I already played the Beta for it and I love the Witch Doctor class. I actually have a friend who is willing to buy a Collector’s Edition for me if I pay him a hundred bucks right now. Because of ACEN, I am quickly trying to amass enough money so I don’t miss out on it.


 I LOVE the DotA on WCIII: Frozen Throne I literally played every character and won with all of them. It is no question that I want this game.

Fate/Extra CCC (Limited edition if it comes out in states)

Usually, I trust review sites, videos, and other sources to judge the games I buy. Because I can only buy so many games a year, I try to get the best of the best. Unless it is a sequel to a game I liked, scoring doesn’t matter to me TOO much. Fate/Extra didn’t get too much praise but being a small fan of the Fate Series and my pure adoration for its characters just draws me to a sequel. CCC serves as an “alternate” route and brings new characters, scenes, dialogue, and new visuals. If the limited edition (with a Saber figure) does get released in America, consider that on my list already.

Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed II was an amazing game. The makers of the game knew that and decided to make a trilogy for Ezio. I’ve played Brotherhood and the only thing that was changed were a few gameplay changes, mostly the recruitment of assassins and a lot of fighting techniques. Hell, the new fighting system made the game easy as you can move from a kill to an instant kill and so on. I heard that Revelations didn’t fair so well with the story or too much with the new gameplay. But we moved on from Ezio and the Renaissance and we move foward to the American Revolution with our new lead, Ratohnhaké:ton (or Connor). Ubisoft promises us a humongous game, and the Gamestop clerk already made me pre-order the damn thing so :p

Persona 3 for PSP

After seeing a bit of gameplay for both Persona 3 and 4. I wanted to get 4 right away for my PSP. Still many people consider Persona 3 superior to 4 but oh well.  However 4 is still on the PS2 and will eventually get released on the Vita. Persona 3 is my only option. Now all I need is a new Memory Stick to contain this beast.

Patapon 3

Patapon 2 had you controlling an army, which is pretty damn cool but Patapon 3 decides to ditch that and have you control 4 powerful heroes(and of course, your standard bearer). I actually liked the idea of controlling an army, but after seeing the Patapon 3 and playing Patapon 2…I really want to play Patapon 3. I’m going to name my four guys as the Four Knights in Dark Souls.

Pokemon BW2

Pssssh, if theres a new game in the Pokemon main series, I’m going to buy it sooner or later. I really liked the first BW, and I already have another team in my head so, MY BODY IS READY

Mass Effect 3 (after ending fix)

Oh, I will go in depth on this game VERYY soon.


Dark Souls kicked my ass a lot, I need something to cool off 😀 Nah, Skyrim is awesome anyway, and I could use another Fallout NV style game. WHARS MY FALLOUT 4?

At ACEN, I was able to purchase Ouendan 2 for its awesome ass songs, I spent the entirety of saturday night trying to perfect the song Kibun Jojo.

With that over with, let’s get on to figures. But before I start, I scoured the entire showfloor to find awesome figures and I picked up the trait of being picky with figures (cause up until ACEN, I didn’t own one). Mostly because of the faces/expressions and its overall design. But because I only plan on buying like….one figure a year.

The one I bought, and the one Light would eventually buy too

If you want to know the figures that I talked about last time, check this post

Anyways, I’ve gotten a few more figures on my eyes and here they are

One of the VERY FEW loli’s that didn’t annoy too much. Yeah, I really couldn’t resist

Saber-enough said. I would love a good Saber Extra one but the swimsuit one was kinda “meh”.

That figure happens to be that me and Light are literally going crazy over. If we ever saw, we would probably buy it without a second thought.

4 thoughts on “Game/Figure Wishlist + ACEN: Two and a half days of hunger and sore feet”

  1. sadly Im back on my bad computer which is won’t allow me to be my account and see the bad design but what I see is ACEN is epic I was thinking just before I went on here Im gonna get my permit this year and if I get a job I will stock up all my money for ACEN all I need to know is when it will come out next year…

  2. I’m doubtful of Assassin Creed III, not saying it’s anything bad but I heard rumors and speculations that there might NOT be a hidden blade, which is true enough after watching the trailer, the dude looks like he prefer using his… axe much more. But it’s still hard to say for now.. I guess time will tell.

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