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Small Post 😀

Well, I have a few stuff to say here:

Due to time constraints, pure laziness, races to compete in, lost interest on the topic at hand, and Diablo 3: I decided to compress the 3 series I have left to review into a few sentences

  1. Papa to Ikuoto: I was actually entertained with this. For once, I was happy without the fanservice in this one. Entertaining series, someone send Sak to jail though.
  2. Amagami SS +: Without a doubt, the first season was superior, but that goes without saying. They could only do so much with the second season. Still nice to see the characters though.
  3. Nisemonogatari: This really deserves its own post but I apologize, too much work for me right now. Nisemono was…alright. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of incestuous toothbrushing (err whatever), I still found the style and dialogue entertaing from the returning cast. But I will admit, I liked Bakemonogatari better. 

With that, the series reviews are unofficially done.

With my brother absent from the house again, I can resume with a faster blogging schedule. So with that over here’s yet another list of what I will be working on

  • ANIME CENTRAL is a day away, if you’re going: We’ll see you there, not like you could identify us anyway :D. Picture might be posted
  • Kore wa Zombie will be covered by me, sorry for the late update but if the worst happens, it probably will have to be double reviewed
  • Gametalk
  • Game Wishlists
  • More figure wishlists
  • I’m thinking of a few editorials but they also corollate with the music posts so, give me some time on this one.
  • Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door got updated again, so expect a small coverage on that.
  • If I get through those fast enough, Top Characters will probably be done to fill in the gaps between the weeks.

For the basic preview of the game wishlist, check out the Author’s Corner which finally got updated.

What can I say?

I’m done here folks, expect the next post to be late in the weekend or early next week.  (No pics cause I still need to organize a few more things)

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