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Aniblog Tourney: This Site vs Subdued Fangirling


So if you didn’t notice, this site somehow ended up in the Aniblog Tourney a month back.

not really 😛

Because I’m the pessimistic bastard I am, I am DAMN sure that my opponent Subdued Fangirling has got this in the bag, unless some crazy things happen, but I doubt that. Anyways, I never expected anything to come out of this blog, other than a few comments that lead to discussions around series me and Light generally like. It’s a big honor for me being in the damn thing, I would be happy if I just got a nomination or just an honorable mention (I’m sure they don’t have brackets like those but yeah, you get my point don’t you?)

Hell, I would have actually forgotten about the Tourney if it wasn’t for the large number of views this site got in terms of referrers on my site stats. Another link I happened to notice is the blog highlights at Metanorn. Metanorn wrote a small segment on the participants of this…week’s/section’s bloggers against eachother. So I decided to read what they said about this site.

What I immediately picked up was the videogame editorials. I also heard from Mystia a while ago that videogame segments were kind of the “highlights” of this site. I forgot if I ever told any of the readers that I’m more of a videogamer than I am an anime watcher. If I had the choice, I would much rather talk about games but due to my low cashpool, I really can’t buy games at a frequent rate to review or talk about them. Anime was my next choice in my blogging topic because I naturally enjoyed it and it was free on the internet.

While the point below this paragraph came up first, I wanted to address the issue of this being “cluttered”. Is it the two side-bars? The overuse of pictures? Too many categories or blogroll links? My Shu icon? I can perfectly understand the cluttered nature of this site. But they did mention that they got used to it sooner or later.

What I also caught was that our (well, mostly me cause I’m the only one posting) episodic reviews were really not up to par compared to the series review. I actually expected something like this to come out sooner or later. When I do my episodic reviews on a series, something in the back of my head says: DUDE, you’re just summarizing the damn thing, you’re not really “reviewing” it, you’re just “covering” it. I’m glad that they pointed that out, cause if they didn’t I probably would have continued on battering myself subconsciously. It’s really been a while since anyone ever criticized this site. I don’t know if you guys are just being nice or not wanting to offend me but having some harsh criticism from time to time will help me in the long run anyway. Yes, I won’t completely enjoy them or respond back without a some hostility (Meh, really depends how people word it) but harsh criticism is like medicine, it’s gonna be bitter but it’s going to help you get better.

Anyways, congrats to Subdued Fangirling again cause you’ve got this and I hope you will last in the tourney

I’m not sure at the moment how long the polls are going to be there but if you have the time and are a “supporter” of this lazy-ass site, feel free to vote for us

Those are my parting words, I will try to get some more posts done 😀

Oh yeah, just because this site got praised for its game editorials, I better make a new one 😀