Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead Episode 1-2 Review

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead Episode 1-2 Review

It’s back and I’m two weeks late, so let’s not waste any time

For those who haven’t watched the first season, here’s a quick recap:

Aikawa Ayumu is one of the bro-est main character in a harem series and one day, the peace and quiet of his everyday life is ruined when he gets his ass murdered by a local serial killer. However, he is resurrected as a zombie by a cute necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe. They live together for a few months and then Aikawa’s life takes a more crazy path. Aikawa meets a magical girl named Haruna fighting a monster called a “megalo”. He gets chopped up in the middle of their brawl and once the battle is over, Haruna tries to heal him but he somehow drains her of her magic. Now he has a necromancer and a magic-less magical girl staying at his house. To spice more things up: VAMPIRE NINJAS (3 OF THEM). One is disgusted by him(Seraphim), one is basically married to him (Maelstrom), and one later develops an ass fetish for him(Sarasvati). Somewhere along there is a plot that consists of finding Aikawa’s killer and another zombie that was resurrected by Eu. Finding Aikawa’s killer introduced two more characters: Ariel, the teacher of all magical girls and Kyoko, one of the students of Ariel who went rogue. In the sidelines are Aikawa’s classmates: Taeko(the only “regular” girl who likes Aikawa), Kanami, Orito, and Shimomura(something special about this guy here).

Some small light novel spoilers in regarding (some) characters

With that over, let’s do this thing

Episode starts up with an explanation of fate and how someone as average as Aikawa was chosen amongst the regular masses to learn the dark secrets of the world. In my opinion, that’s kinda deep for a series like this. I could go more into it, but I’m in a hurry. He also mutters his line, I’m a zombie.

The opening kicks in and I have a few points to make

  • Chris! New Character!
  • It seems like Kyoko happens to the villain (again?) oh well, she becomes part of the harem anyway 😀
  • During the lead-up to the intro, I’ve identified two characters.

The three above are Chris, Nene and Lilia, look at THIS post to find out more and get the pictures if you haven’t already

Moving on

As Aikawa begins to explain the chaos of his life, nature brutally reminds him that he is not a “natural” being as sunlight makes his body shrivel up. His classmate, Shimomura helps him out and gets him to the nurse’s office.

Later that day, Aikawa wakes up to find a rather intersting looking girl in the nurse’s office as well. However, he considers this a hallucination of his stressed mind.

Back at home, he describes what he saw to the unappreciative girls who leech off his everyday life. Aikawa describes the girl he saw cute and Haruna starts yelling at him cause she thinks he’s talking about her. Sera insults him of his lecherous views of women. The girls consider that something out of this world and that it is not possible. Aikawa kindly points out that the inhabitants of his home (including him) are of the occult.

The next morning, Aikawa has one of his famous “delusions” of Eu (I will sometimes spell it Yu, deal with it) talking. Once again, Aikawa shrivels up in the sun.

Another girl who got mixed into Aikawa’s life shows up here, Maelstrom/Yuki Yoshida/Tomonori. Due to an accident, they ended up kissing eachother, and in vampire ninja customs, kissing means marriage. Yuki here happens to be a good cook and joins him for lunch. Kanami and Taeko discuss the twos’ relationships and Taeko more or less gives out the notion to her friend that she likes Aikawa

Because Aikawa is harmed by the sun’s light, he goes back home pretty late. He meets Taeko who has been helping out the teachers and he promises her that he will help out whenever he can. When nightfall comes, Aikawa heads home but he smells something in the offices and he enters. What he finds is the girl he saw when in the nurse’s office a few days back.

 The girl pukes rainbows (AWESOME) and the two engage in conversation. Aikawa is thoroughly convinced that he’s gone crazy. But he later figures out that the girl is drunk and she is in fact real. He begins to more or less, tell her about life as a zombie. She entrusts him with words, “live up to your name” which gives him some incentive. Once again, he’s insulted by Sera once he gets home.

Back at school, Orito shares with Aikawa that someone of questionable fashion was seen in the cemetary near the school. Aikawa is damn sure that it is him wearing the girly outfit with the chainsaw in the cemetary.

He tries to keep his cool and Taeko has his back in supporting that the pervert is not him, while it totally is Aikawa. Aikawa dismisses this and leaves the classroom, only to run crying to find the understanding (but drunk) girl he talked to last night.

Instead of the cute girl, he finds a messed up dude who turns out to be a megalo. Aikawa reminds us, he can kick ass too and punches the now-squid monster a few times. Haruna shows up out of nowhere and wishes to join the fight, but her magic is still insufficient and Aikawa has to assume the form of the masou-shoujo (an obvious parody of mahou shoujo) to kill the squid.

However, the fight ends up outside the school building (in front of everyone) and instead of just punching the shit out of the squid, he transforms. By the way, Taeko gets nabbed by the squid. Aikawa fails to do serious damage while in the dress (and everyone in the school is seeing him), and he decides to gain more energy and if you remember the first season, more energy means a girlier (wait, is that a word?) dress. In the end he is able to kill the squid, save Taeko, and break the chainsaw. That ends up with Aikawa losing his cloths, and now he must live with his shame

Ep 2

With Haruna’s chainsaw broken, it can only mean one thing: Aikawa won’t transform in a while so REJOICE. Anyways, Aikawa was at the police station being warned to never flash again.

With his reputation now in shambles, nothing could bring him down further. Unfortunately, Sera shows up and that means more depression for our lead. He is shamed even further as the video of him as reached youtube and has gained enormous amounts of views

Aikawa fears the looks and scorn from his classmates when he prepares to enter his classroom, he is rather suprised to see everyone swarming him not in disgust, but with praise (I know, what the f*ck?). Praise for what? Apparently, praise of fashion sense, but that still doesn’t help his confidence and he runs off again.

The pink haired girl from last time shows up in the science room and Aikawa is able to get some more motivation (but drunk) words that kinda uplift his spirit a little. Aikawa heads back to the classroom but meets Yuki on the way. She asks him if he wanted to go hiking to calm his nerves down. Seeing how he can only get made fun of back at his own home, Aikawa agrees to it.

Instead of coming alone, Aikawa brings the entire crew to go stargazing. So as the crew ascends the mountain, Haruna runs off to go to the bathroom. Aikawa realizes a magic-less magical girl can only do so much in the mountains alone and goes off to make sure she’s safe.

Yuki tags along but they end up talking about more personal stuff. Before we can complete the nice scene, Haruna breaks the atmosphere as she shows up with a legion of bees behind her.

Haruna grabs on to Aikawa, and throws him at the bees. Aikawa survives the bees but then gets his face clawed by a bear. He manages to run away but gets in this situation

Followed by a presumed beating

With that over with, the crew climb up the mountain to look at some stars. Well, character development in terms of everyone huddling around a zombie. Moving on.

The other quarter left in this episode goes back to school as Aikawa tries to regain Orito’s trust.

More importantly, Sara decides to make her move on Aikawa whiches scares the hell out him.

Oh yeah, she’s the one who put pictures and vids of Aikawa on the internet 😀

We also get a small scene with Ariel (Dai Sensei) and Kyoko near the end, I smell plot. Episode ends of there, thanks for reading everyone! Sorry I was late and sorry I toned down the 2nd ep in regards to pictures. I just wanted to get these done


(the segments with Yu and the ending rocks)

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  1. Well, I quit this show for a reason and this double summary shows why. Part of me wanted to cut this show some slack and maybe…JUST MAYBE, it would somewhat improve…but no, it’s SoS…blegh. Well I’m sticking to my “Not pick this up ever again” promise. While I still fail to comprehend what makes this supernatural harem so special over the millions of others, I won’t degrade a show you love with a pssion any longer and stop right here. Hey, you didn’t bash my love for Saki so…

    • I originally was going to watch Saki (first one), but I couldn’t find it (this was before I started blogging) on a lot of sites so I basically gave up on it. Currently, life is hectic so I don’t have much time to actually watch a lot of series. Hell, I’m only watching around 3-4

      • To be honest, 3-4 shows is a lot for someone with a busy schedule but very little for an animeniac. Ah well, much respect for your dedication through hard times Superfreak dood..

  2. I’m glad I stopped by, you are not only covering this show but actually providing additional information (like the profiles about the new characters), now I’ll be a regular visitor to this site!

  3. hey hippie I said I finally get a none anon account oh well I am currently watching (never saw first season) so I am shocked how the zombie(don’t know name) cross dress into girl clothings >_< oh well I get atleast is good a great post!

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