Inu x Boku SS Review

Mixed feelings about this series. It wasn’t bad, but what was it really trying to accomplish other than our little ego filled main trying to be nicer?

(Credits to Wan Abrar for that gif)

Meh, let’s continue

So during the preview of last season, I just decided to watch this. With the “SS'” at the end, I thought I missed the first season. I was wrong as it turned out that “SS” meant “Secret Service”. After seeing the preview picture of a prettyboy and a cute girl (GARTERBELTS!) I went “meh” but I thought I would watch it just for the girl. But lo and behold, I ended up watching the entire series, and I will say it was “alright”.

The premise goes as thus: Shirakiin Ririchiyo is a condescending little bitch, but in the inside, she really wants to make friends and stop berating people. Due to this, she moves to an apartment complex known as “Ayakashikan” to seek peace and quiet. The building she moves into however, is not a regular place. The building itself houses the descendents of demons and Ririchiyo meets Miketsukami, a clingy gentlemen who treats her like a goddess. Instead of appreciating those forms of kindness, she constantly questions why he is so nice to her. Oh yeah, Ririchiyo happens to be half demon as well, not too much suprise there. The whole thing with the Secret Service is that in the building complex, the ordinary residents are assigned members of this so-callled Secret Service to protect them. So, the rest of the story goes covering Ririchiyo’s life in her new home and her perseverance to be a nicer person.


  • Ririchiyo: I will say it right now: I f*cking adore Ririchiyo. But too bad she already likes Miketsukami. Ririchiyo as I have mentioned has a huge problem with talking to other people and can’t regularly converse with a lot of people normally. By normal, I mean without making the people talking to her sound stupid. Either way, how she frets over how badly she talks makes me adore her. Oh her cloths, too, those make her even more adorable. Hell, same goes for her half demon form where she gets horns and a nice little outfit, I LOVE THAT EVEN MOAR. Okay, I’ll stop now. As I have said above, Ririchiyo’s main goal is to stop her habit of talking trash to people but later gains the problem of trying to say “what every man wants to hear” to Miketsukami.
  • Miketsukami: Man, he is the most clingy person I’ve seen in a while, and this is a guy we’re talking about. Well, I’ll admit this right now, I admire loyalty and trust so he gains some favor fro me. Miketsukami is a fox spirit and he’s the most appreciative guy I have ever seen. He gets hurt if Ririchiyo says she will see him tomorrow and he starts weeping for not being able to see her til morning. I don’t know how, with all his smarts, that he doesn’t realize Ririchiyo likes him. But hey in the end, it worked out right?
  • Sorinozuka: He’s a lazy mofo, which is exactly the reason I like him as a character. His true form is a roll of cotton (basically the type of demon that can possess inanimate objects or inanimate objects gaining consciousness) and his lazy demeanor pretty much matches him perfectly as he glides through the air. In his human form, he’s a average sized guy with tatooes allover.
  • Yukinouji: I lover her, next. (by the way, she’s a yuki-onna. I.e, snow woman[so Ice Ice baby])
  • Kageoru: I legit lol’d during his S&M of classifying anything as S or M. Storywise, he is the former master of Miketsukami, Zange and Watanuki. His agent being Karuta. Kageoru is also the fiance of Ririchiyo (but things don’t go so well). Kageoru is loud, egocentric, and narcissistic guy who calls others animals. But he’s a funny guy so, meh.
  • Karuta: Kana Hanazawa voiced her, which already means I have to love her character. But even if Kana didn’t voice her, I still would like her character. Karuta is the odd-balled girl who happens to love eating and from a regular viewpoint, seems to be “zoning” out at times. Her true form is a Gashadokruo which basically is a bigass skeleton.
  • Watanuki: Watanuki is a brash-blonde dude who likes to talk shit. Well, not talk shit but tries to stand up for himself. I would love to take him seriously but too bad his true form is that of a tanuki(racoon/badger demon). He likes Karuta and doesn’t really like a lot of people.
  • Zange: This dude’s a creeper right here. Zange resembles Miketsukami in terms of fashion but what differentiates him from Miketsukami is that Zange is just freaking weird. Zange has bunny ears, one bandaged eye, and a high pitched voice that just tells me to keep away from him. You get the picture right? No me gusta
  • Other residents: The maids, employees, the son and father duo, and the rest of the cast who I didn’t mention (or have forgotten) make the Ayakashikan so enjoyable to watch. It really feels like a community, not so much like a school because who really wants to know every kid in the school anyway?

Like most series this season, I went in on this series without any expectations. With that in mind, it wasn’t that hard to enjoy this series. The character diversity was present and the “sense of community” acts as a selling point for me, cause I’m the type of person who enjoys seeing a huge ensemble of (likeable) characters. What I never completely understood was why do they even NEED the S.S agents helping them when most of the cast…actually nevermind. Ririchiyo happens to be the only character who could probably last without her agent.

Episodes go in the format of usually focusing on one character per episode. Either that, or it’s an episode of Ririchiyo and Miketsukami which was the point of the series. I enjoy watching Ririchiyo interact with other…people, mostly because of her attitude of course. Watching her calmly respond and then go into a state of mental drawback from regretting what she said is…painfully adorable. Once again, characters, diversity is a key factor and this show got it done nicely

Overall, the series was nice to watch. All the characters make it a nice, entertaining piece of work.

and I wouldn’t mind a second season (just don’t make Miketsukami the only guy after Ririchiyo)

Almost done with series reviews!

14 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS Review”

  1. This series was a really nice comedy. My favourite comedy show in the winter season. And if you want Ririchiyo you will have a hard time dealing with me as well. She is the cutest tsundere I’ve ever seen. I will certainly miss her. 😦

  2. So there’s minor subtext in this one, eh? Apologies dood. I skipped reading to avoid spoilers and went to the conclusion. Good show with only one guy after the chick, eh? PRAISE BE THE PANTS!

  3. For a couple episodes i thought about abandoning this series how im glad i didn’t it may have dragged on at times but what a strong finish. Now they have to turn each one of those clips at the end extra specials and ill be happy.

  4. Sorry for posting so late since I reviewed this show a while back after your recommendation. It was worth my time. Three cheers for Nobara, Karuta and Watanuki!

    In all honesty from what I heard from the continuation of this series…I honestly don’t want to see what will happen next. It sounds too depressing for my tastes.

  5. “It wasn’t bad, but what was it really trying to accomplish other than our little ego filled main trying to be nicer?”

    Ririchiyo is not actually ego-filled. The whole thing is just a front. She isn’t actually saying her true feelings.

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