Brave 10 Mini-Review

Thank you Saizo, but our priestess is in another castle!

That parodied line alone is enough to sum up half the series.

Brave 10 can be parodied up and simplified further with this words: MIXED NUT SAMPLER. As gay as I do not want it to sound, it really is. You could almost say this series is Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi, only that it’s an anime and it involves some princess rescuing. For those of you who do not know their history, the 10 Braves were 10 legendary ninjas that assisted Sanada Yukimura during the late Sengoku period. These 10 warriors were

  1. Kirigakure Saizo
  2. Sarutobi Sasuke
  3. Miyoshi Seikai
  4. Miyoshi Isa
  5. Anayama Kosuke
  6. Unno Rokuro
  7. Kakei Juzo
  8. Nezu Jinpachi
  9. Mochizuki Rokuro
  10. Yuri Kamanosuke

If you watched the show, you would see that they got most of it right.

So the reimagined premise of the 10 Braves’ founding goes as thus: A priestess at a shrine in Izumo is forced to flee and seek shelter at Sanada Yukimura’s palace  after the shrine is burned down and attacked. While fleeing from the pursuers, she runs into a rather menacing dude walking down the road. She asks for assistance but he ignores her. The pursuers catch up and try to get her, but the dude she met kicks their asses. Isanami treats both of them for lunch and they get to introduce eachother. The girl introduces herself as Isanami while the dude’s name is Kirigakure Saizo, and he’s a ninja of Iga and he wanders the land for god knows why. He does not wish to serve under a lord and be a dog of society. In order to repay the food, Saizo escorts Isanami to Sanada Yukimura’s territory. The two arrive shortly(well after fighting a gay ninja Sasuke) and are greeted by Yukimura but he’s an asshole and does not wish to help either of them. Saizo starts to leave but Isanami gets clingy. This causes an uproar which ends up with Isanami’s pursuers showing up with more goons. Isanami exhibits from strange power from one of her accessories and with Saizo kicks all their asses. Yukimura reveals himself from the night and says that he was just kidding back at the castle and he wishes to help Isanami and Saizo (if he wishes to stay). Yukimura seems to have gotten some wind at the current situation on who is behind the threat at Izumo. Yukimura wishes to  form an army to stop the warring states all-together. With a genius mechanic of looking at his ten fingers, Yukimura wishes to have 10 warriors on his side

I’ll ignore the character list cause there isn’t too much to talk about those freaks.

My favored characters: Saizo, Kakei, Jinpachi, Ana, Yuri: These guys were alright. These were the characters that managed to make me laugh or were just…decent characters to make me NOT hate them.

My less favored characters: Rokuro #1 and 2, Sasuke, Miyoshi “family”: Rokuro number 1 is kinda gay. Rokuro number 2 is a pyromaniac little kid, Sasuke is kinda meh. I didn’t enjoy his voice. Isanami was fail while her brother wasn’t too bad but he could raised her better before he left.

So if you watched the majority of this series, they switched out Miyoshi Isa with Isanami and Kosuke with Ana. Unlike a lot of series this season, I kinda had some expectations with this series, now why is that? Because I’m a huge ancient/medieval history nut, I kinda wanted a historical fiction series that dealt with these 10 legendary people, but what I got was a mediocre series that kinda hinted some gay relationships and prioritized saving a useless bitch who can only get herself kidnapped at every moment imaginable. While the kidnapping sorta stops halfway, the series kinda tried to salvage itself, but they only had around 3 episodes to a get conclusion ready and they could convey so much character development through rescue scenarios. The last few eps were a little “eh” but oh well

Bottom Line: I was highly disappointed but in the end, I should of stopped watching when I learned the author of the manga series wrote and drew shounen-ai before this one. While it isn’t completely terrible (cause some characters were actually funny), my expectations kinda brought it down. At least for the female viewers, you can get some eye candy off of these guys 😀

Sorry for the short-ass review but I just needed to get my point across

Inu x Boku, Papa to Ikuoto, and Nisemono+Amagami are almost done

16 thoughts on “Brave 10 Mini-Review”

  1. I’m kinda disappointed about the show too. It has so much potential but in the end it turns out to be liek a child show. Seriously I was expecting something awesome to happen and nothing did happen.

      1. lol finished the game already and currently playing the multiplayer because of the new free DLC. I got the Collector’s Edition btw 🙂 Pretty good despite the bad criticism about the ending.

      2. Not really. But there is going to be a free dlc extended ending coming soon. It might be fitting when it’s out

  2. You summed up Brave 10 pretty well. Nice action, some okay comedy, crappy end, less-than-stellar overall story. I was quite disappointed with the wasted potential here, but I guess I liked the good things about it enough to enjoy it.
    Nice review, straight and to the point.

  3. So instead of a yurirific all female “bastardization”, as hardcore history nuts would surely call them, we get a Super Dynasty Brothers with yaoi elements. Interesting idea but I guess it wasn’t executed well enough. Too bad.
    Great review overall. I’ll try to make my Gokujou review as short.

    1. It’s been a while since i’ve seen a “not so satisfying” series, it was kinda nice making fun of something again

      1. You want to make fun of a show, watch a mainstream harem. They are so easy to both bash and intentionally make you gouge your eyes. At least that’s what I do.

      2. Meh, I’ve seen “okay” harem (least in my standards).
        Maybe during the summer I will intentionally watch one bad one.

  4. Hippie I have seen plenty of bad Harems (so bad I can’t remember lol) but who cares anyways the show was good but I can kinda see what you guys are talking about why it was disappointing but overall the whole series was good (just not the ending) btw I only read little of you wrote due to I am finishing an all-nighter and I am now going to sleep I will read this later and Sorry for being late to comment had to repair computer!

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