Spring Anime 2012 (Extremely Short and Minimalistic) Preview + First Impressions

Spring Anime 2012 (Extremely Short and Minimalistic) Preview + First Impressions

I have series to review and new stuff to cover, I will make this really short.

Expect an announcement post detailing what I have planned for the weeks to come.

  • Uchuu Kyodai: This has Area no Kishi’s plot device written all over it. If I’m wrong, then I probably might give it a small look. Just no.
  • Ginga e Kickoff: Area no Kishi is still ongoing right? Another Inazuma Eleven? Nty.
  • Sengoku Collection: Cards? Really? Another card game?
  • Kuroko no Basket: Sorry, Slam Dunk basically filled the hole of a good basketball series. Phucking supaa. They made Kuroko look way too wimpy and Kagami look way too strong, though.
  • Upotte: Girls that can shoot, reminds me of Kill me Baby and Bamboo Blade Read it, sucked.
  • Phi Brain S2: Didn’t watch the first one, and main still looks like a trashbagger Watched the first one… was all right. Will be watching again
  • Hyouka: You know my general opinion of mysteries Eh. Male prodigy or gtfo.
  • Kimi to Boku 2: Didn’t watch first one Better art plox
  • Tasogare: Middle school boy and what-may-be hot female lead. But let me repeat that one part: MIDDLE SCHOOL Ghosts. Redundant. No me gusta.
  • Shining Hearts: An anime adaptation of a game? I just might check it out cause of that. Will probably give a look. If male main then goto episode 2; elseif female main then stop.
  • Natsuiro: Anime about voice actresses, let’s see if it keeps my attention F no.
  • Jormungand: Jormungand is the son of the Norse God Loki. Unlike Loki however who resembles a humanoid, Jormungand is a gigantic snake that encircles the world and is able to bite its own tail. He is killed by Thor at Ragnarok but his venom kills Thor too. Oh wait you meant the anime? Oh, sorry about that. I have no clue on this one. Female lead. Fugly. No.
  • Nyaruko: Being a reader of Lovecraftian tales, Nyarlathotep is a deity that is called the “Crawling Chaos”. It hides within the ignorant population of humans and it is able to take shape of any form it desires. Using its abilities, Nyarlathotep plans to bring madness and chaos onto Earth. He does this by taking form of highly charismatic people in each civilization it goes to. I could go on, but that’s not really the point. Go look up Nyarlathotep on google images, look at it in disgust, and see the preview pics for this series. Typical guy meets alien girl. Chance of watching: 15%.
  • Saki: Never really watched the first one …K-ON with mahjong. N-o-oooooooooo~
  • Koi Ken: Reminds me of Love Hina, which I despised. But it has girls so I naturally am going to check it out. Me.Want.To.See.
  • Queen’s Blade Rebellion: Leave this stuff to OG Oh, you mean ‘Sluts and Tits’? Nty.

Eureka 7 Ao

At the moment, I have not finished Eureka 7. So consider this series to be on my master “To watch” list. If the reviews say that isn’t as good, then I probably will not watch it and just be happy with Eureka 7. Mmm… we’ll see.

Fate/Zero S2

I initially wished to watch this series when the first season came out. Somehow, I got sidetracked and stopped following it. But after consideration and favorable opinions by both my friends AND my brother, I guess I really can’t go wrong with it. Will pick it up as soon as I watch Season 1 No. Toosrsbsns during my school year.

Accel World

The premise of it sounds like a game, which naturally interests me. But of course, like most of the series, I will atleast be giving the first episode a watch. Read the light novel, manga, and watched the first 2 episodes… meh. Piggy… Idk if I’ll continue watching. 50-50

KWZDK Of the Dead

I covered the 1st season, I enjoyed it. OF COURSE I WANT TO WATCH THIS …Derp.


Male highschool student with fascination of games and zombies, count me in as relatable. Read the manga. Hippiefreak needs to learn to spell. Won’t be watching the anime; manga is decent, not memorable. (I’ll learn how to spell when YOU F*CKING POST SOMETHING)

Nazo no Kanojo

I read the manga back in middle school. It was interesting, but I felt like it dragged on for waaay too long. But the anime can only drag for so long with only 12 episodes right? Da eff is dis?

Medaka Box

Started reading the manga. It’s a “meh” series…….but Medaka is hot. You, my good sir, need to die right now. Hippiefreak… you are stepping into dangerous territory.

MEDAKA. BOX. SUCKS. GET@ME (Although chances are 85% of people agree with me…)~~~

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  1. “I read the manga back in middle school. It was interesting, but I felt like it dragged on for waaay too long.”

    What the f-

    The manga is the greatest creation in history.

  2. I haven’t seen any manga for these anime oh well (maybe because I am terribly bad at searching for good manga) but your guys enthusiasm is really great about the manga and for the anime so I guess I jump on board

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