Music of the Week #27


I’m trying to get Danshi Kokousei done ASAP and I will try to get up to speed on everything else too.

So, Spring Break starts for me today and I’m free for the rest of this week and the following week. I will try to get as much posts as I can with this break I am given. But I still have a shitton to do, but I haven’t posted too much in a while, so I will make this have a little priority above the rest of my work.

Anyways, I am working on 3 posts at the moment so I will make this quick.

So, this week and the following week’s songs will be from: CODE GEASS. Although I wanted to review it (or make Light do a review on it), there is just so much on my plate at the moment for me to even take a shot at the thing right now. You know, theres not much to say about Code Geass other than that it was one of the most acclaimed series at that time and it still is. Although I had some issues with the characters (mostly their DAMN LEGS) they were an interesting bunch. Something in anime that teaches me that highschool kids can change the world, for better or for worse.

Oh yeah, star this song and this post because this just happens to by FLOW, one of my favorite bands.

This week’s song is Code Geass’ first opening: COLORS!~ (one of my favorites too)

Watch it in HD

And hell, here’s the full thing

God, this song is sooo amazing. I just love it so much

Hell I just might rewatch it even with all these time constraints.

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