Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Review

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Review

It’s like Cromartie Highschool again, only this actually has animation and evil girls

Want to know how good this series is?

Damn right I do

Let’s get to it

I’ll say it right now, for a show about highschool guys being…highschool guys, the opening theme is pretty damn lively.

I’ll admit, I am not the person who watches slice of life stuff a lot. I initially dropped this series but after looking around and hearing that this was pretty hilarious, I checked it out again. The internet and its bloggers were right, this series was one of the funniest things I have ever watched. After I watched Cromartie Highschool, I thought no anime would make me laugh out loud, but this truly did. In terms of plot, its nonexistant but the premise is straightfoward. This anime, completely true to its name, covers the Daily Lives of Highschool Boys. To put this in reality, this is me, Light and another one of our friends who is deciding whether or not to join this site.

Small and useless synopsis: Follow the lives of highscool s

Anyways, because there’s really no sort of plot or any bigger meanings behind the series, I guess I’ll just talk about characters and the pros

Large ass character list

  • Tadakuni: He’s the straight man in the trio that we call main characters. Tadakuni has no real interesting points other than that everyone uses his house if they wish to hang out. Kinda reminds me of me. Tadakuni, although considered the main character, suffers the same fate as Kamiyama from Cromartie. He barely shows up in the middle of the series. He does get the end though. He’s just a regular guy, nothing bad and nothing good.
  • Yoshitake: Yoshitake, or the blondie is one of the “comedy duo” of the trio along with Hidenori. Yoshitake is a little more interesting compared to Tadakuni. First off, he’s blonde and he has history with Hidenori as well. According to a lot of guys at their school, Yoshitake was quite the fool during middle school. Yoshitake was alright, he played along with Hidenori’s crazy stuff. He apparently has a lot of faults Hidenori is very ticked off about, he also doesn’t know jack shit.
  • Hidenori: If any of you remember the old cartoon series: Ed, Edd, n Eddy, you could consider Hidenori as the Eddy while Yoshitake and Tadakuni both fill the roles of Ed and Edd. Hidenori is the guy who comes up with the stuff they talk about, stuff they do, and is pretty random in general. Hidenori and Yoshitake were basically turned into the “regular” guys during last half of the series.
  • Ya-san: Better known as Literature/Library Girl who shows up frequently near the same place at the same time of the day. Near the river, on the hillside, during sunset. She interacts through Hidenori the most and ends up embarassing herself most of the time. Ya-san and Hidenori have hilarious moments with eachother, and suprise she’s the fan favorite. Almost every moment with her basically has to do with misunderstandings and trying to think of something cool to say (for both of them).
  • Motoharu: One of the members of the Student Council. Motoharu is a pretty nice guy despite his looks. He has a nice relationship with his sister (compared to every other character). However, he is subject to bullying by his sister’s friends. Motoharu is just a nice guy.
  • Karasawa: This guy is the best damn character in the show. Karasawa or simply identified as the dude with the hat. Karasawa is another member of the Student Council and is respected amongst his friends. After getting into an accident involving a very violent girl, Karasawa gained a very noticable scar on his face, which explains why he rarely takes off his hat. Although the girl really wishes to apologize and make up with him, he is deathly afraid of her. When he said he wanted to “Kinniku Buster” (Muscle Buster) on the girls that harass him everyday, his badassery skyrocketed even more. Too bad he failed to pull on off.
  • Vice Pres: Vice President along with the regular President didn’t really have their names revealed but their titles are enough to address them by. Vice President is a rather dark skinned guy with blonde hair who REALLY seems like a monkey. However, just like Motoharu, he’s probably the most organized guy in the series. Because of the incompetence of the current President, he’s the one who does the most work. Apparently the student council is so great, other schools request help from them.
  • Pres: The blonde, fanged, shorty president of the student council. He has a way with words but doesn’t really do anything big but presides over in the student council meetings. He rarely seems to be on  the same page as the rest of his colleagues.
  • Mitsuo: Mitsuo happens to be a pretty good soccer player (although he sorta cheats) and an avid collector of mecha figures. While a very big topic in gossip and insults, most of them turn out to be redirected to Yoshitake.
  • Yanagin: She has Sa-chan’s voice from Gintama, which already establishes how unstable she is. Plus she wears glasses. While she hangs out with Ikushima and Habara, she apparently was given a duty to look over Habara’s stability. Yanagin was praised as one of the more stronger fighters in the community. Hmm, but Karasawa blocked all her attacks too.
  • Ikushima: I thought she was pretty normal but I guess she was just a big misandrist just like Yanagin was. She’s pretty good at fighting too but I forget whether her friendship with Habara is real or not. But one thing remains certain, both Yanagin and Ikushima fear Habara’s dormant wrath
  • Habara: During her childhood years, Habara was widely known as the archdemon for her brutality in bullying kids. It took around 10 of the neighborhood’s strongest fighters to neutralize her. During the scuffle itself or outside of the fight, Karasawa got injured pretty badly. Habara however still retains her inner demon when she heard that Ikushima and Yanagin wanted to have a small sparring contest, they both got scared pretty quick and dismissed that claim as a joke. They got even more scared when Habara dropped a humongous rock in her hands. Everyime though, she tries to make up with Karasawa.
  • Nago: Tadakuni and Yoshitake’s co-worker at their part time job who seems to be “kinda” down with how she looks. She has an eternal grimace on her face but when asked to “Brighten up” she took her headband down and tried to smile, she actually looked pretty awesome.
  • Ringo: The girl with the inferiority complex who meets the our all boys student council and is met with the three guys I posted way up in this post. I thought I would hate Ringo, but she turned out to be a hilarious character when she happens to be around the student council.
  • Sisters and other female charaacters: This show seems portray girls as wild animals and bullies while they portray guys as gentlemen. While that is a pretty sexist point of view, you have to realize that not every girl or guy is a saint. Back on topic though. Tadakuni’s sister seems to possess monstrous strength and Motoharu’s sister seems to be ticked off at her brother because he can cook a lot better than she can.

There’s really not that much to say about this series you know? While the season was filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, but one thing remained constant. Danshi Kokousei was there every monday to make me laugh out loud as I try to work ahead of my studies. The style of humor in Cromartie was sometimes centered around Japanese media and celebrities but it mainly focused on their stupidity and that was enough to love the show. Danshi however talks abotu exactly what a regular guy at this day and age would take about. RPG’s, sports, friends, girls, bah, you can guess the rest. The characters talk about the cliches of modern day plot devices, characters archetypes and the sort.

While Cromartie Highschool may have made me laugh a lot more than this did, Danshi was a suitable replacement/extension/prequel of a highschool comedy featuring a bunch of highschool boys being highschool boys. I’m gonna miss these idiots and I pray for a second season to come by.

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  1. overall this series is crap except at certain interesting part like in ep 1 and also the literature girl part

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