Highschool DxD Review

Better Gif. I don't care if the post looks bad, you're just here for the gif
Better Gif. I don’t care if the post looks bad, you’re just here for the gif

Imagine Kore wa Zombie only the main lead is a legit pervert and instead of a cute necromancer girl, you have a smoking hot devil that just ressurrected you. Oh by the way, there’s boobs, BOOBS EVERYWHERRRE, more so than Highschool of the Dead. Is that necessarily a good thing? (pssh how could it not? They show boobs in the beginning seconds of the opening!) Well, read on and find out

(Light novel spoilers ahead, but it’s a fanservice series, what do you care?)


Man it has been a damn while since I’ve reviewed anything (in terms of a series review) but then again, I say that every time a season comes to an end anyway. With Guilty Crown’s review being done, the major bulk of reviewing the rest of the series won’t be all that hard. But I still have to finish a few series.  Well, this series happened to be my “eyecandy’ for the season and it pretty much delivered what I needed each season. When it comes down to it, DxD doesn’t screw around if it wants to tease you with eyecandy. Instead of handing you small amounts of fanservice it literally serves you the entire platter and doesn’t really seem to care if you want it or not

So let’s make this one a quick one

The premise goes as this: Hyoudo Issei is a Class A pervert (not as much as Tomoki from Otoshimono, that little prick whose always either in chibi form or nude, or both). Issei is basically the bottom rung loser class in his school along with his two equally perverted loser friends. However, out of pure chance, a nice girl asks him out much to his disbelief.  This girl named Yuma basically is the girl of Issei’s dreams and just when life couldn’t get any sweeter, he gets killed, by the girl he was with. Life sucks huh? Well, happens to be that Yuma was a “Fallen Angel” and Issei’s “Potential” could have gotten out of hand and she had to kill him before it got problematic. However, Issei’s life would go from shitty to absolutely, 14 leafed clover, luck of the irish, LUCKY. Issei is revived, not as a human but rather a devil. The one who decided to give him a second chance was a celebrity at his school, a Scandinavian girl by the name of Rias Gremory. But he doesn’t get that  from her when he is revived, noooo, he wakes up the next morning with Rias naked in his bed AND THEN she decides to tell him about his new fate. Thus begins the tale of our perverted hero with a magical left arm now serving as a servant to Rias and her family.

Blue hair girl’s name is Zenovia, the next girl who unconditionally falls for Issei

Character list

  • Issei: He’s perverted but still a likeable character. The special potential in him manifests as a gauntlet on his left arm. The gauntlet is something called a Sacred Gear that contains enormous amounts of power. Issei’s happens to gain the power of a Red Dragon which basically makes him OP but he is too weak to actually use it at full capacity. He apparently is so perverted that his family had already given up hope on getting grandchildren. Issei is yet another harem lead, only that he can fight, so he’s basically Aikawa from Zombie, only that Aikawa doesn’t need to hold back. Issei being the pawn is basically “useless” until he can either gain himself another power from other pieces (remember, this series plays like Chess)
  • Rias: Many times when I read/watch harem series, I generally hate the main girl. For example:  I hate Shana (obvious series), Naru (Love Hina), Nagi (Hayate no Gotoku), Houki (IS), etc. But Rias happens to be the very select few that didn’t get on my hate list. Actually I think no one in this short character list got hated by me, which was damn impressive cause that means I like everyone in this series. Rias is frankly freaking hot and happens to have a nice personality to her so not much to say about her other than that she’s awsome. She’s the “King” piece and is naturally powerful, her magic is based on destruction itself.
  • Asia: Asia is so nice. She doesn’t care if Issei is a pervert and…she’s just a nice character in general. She started out as a nun but gets killed in the first half of the series and gets herself revived as a “Bishop” in Rias’ group.
  • Akeno: Akeno was just a “meh” character for me. Just another hot piece of eyecandy. Her abilities associates with lightning and she happens to be one hell of a sadistic b*tch, and that my friends is a good thing. Her role is the Queen
  • Koneko: It seems that anyone who didn’t go for Rias or Asia went for Koneko here. Koneko was a decent character who basically acted to “even out” all the love for Issei. But farther in the light novels, she becomes REALLY affectionate towards him. How affectionate? Well she is a cat, and cats can love pretty well. Because she’s a rook, she’s the powerhouse of the group.
  • Kiba: The prettyboy. I thought I would REALLY hate Kiba in the series, but he turned out to be a bro as he really didn’t try to go above Issei and he was solely focused on helping everyone. Probaby the nicest and most useful secondary main male I care to remember in a harem series. He’s the knight and uses swords.
  • Sona: She has glasses, she has black hair, KA-CHING
  • Shinra: Look for the description directly above this
  • Saji: If Issei fought this dude, we would have a pretty big fight. While Issei has the power of the Red Dragon, this kid here has the power of the Black Dragon
  • Gremory Clan: “Lucifer” was pretty respectful so he ain’t bad. Grayfia looks like an older Sakuya from Touhou.
  • Phoenix Clan: Riser is a complete dick, and I was happy when he got his ass beat. You know what sucks for him even more? His little sister becomes Issei’s bitch in the light novels.

The first season pretty much summed up the first two volumes and so I decided to get a little more info on the topic. Rias’ crew becomes a full-fledged crew. But Kiba and Issei are the only guys in the entire group, and everyone goes for Issei. Sadly, I cannot find a group picture of the entire crew at the moment.

This is her fate

This series is FREAKING huuuuuge (and not just on the chest area) when it goes past the petty infighting between demons and demons. When we think of demons and angels, we properly assume that we’re more or less in the westernized christian point of views on angels, demons, and the sort. Well it seems that this series goes farther than that as they bring in other religious characters, artifacts, concepts, and so much more. We have the Nordic Mythos with Asgard, the Greek mythos with Zeus and Olympia, hell we got Hindu stuff in here too. I would, without a doubt, love this series to death because I’m a huge nut when it comes to mythology, religious backgrounds, and demonology; that shit just entertains the hell out of me. But you could say “Yo, hippiefreak, what’s the deal? You have a series with hot girls, intense battles, and the myth and etc alike. How could YOU NOT LOVE THIS?”

Well, that’s a pretty damn good question. I kinda prefer Zombie over to this. While DxD does have more character introductions, more fights, and even more concepts, Zombie just had….a little…modesty? I guess you could say? DxD truly does not f*ck around with what people want and do not want to see. The very revealing nature of this show probably is its greatest pro (sad right?) and its greatest con. If you have boobs in the beginning seconds of the show, it’s going to draw lots of people and lose a bunch as well. I would just love to “love” this series but because they already brought out the big guns in terms of fanservice, I guess us as fans couldn’t expect more than that without having this series turn into hentai. I guess the characters in Zombie keep the harem fairly equal to give everyone an equal chance while in DxD, Issei basically ends up with Rias (they get a marriage arranged and more or less get it on) althought everyone else vies for Issei too. More girls arrive later on and EVERYONE minus Kiba moves into Issei’s house. I guess no matter how epic some shit gets, if that something is a harem series, my mind apparently just doesn’t take it seriously. I think that this series is just trying to take itself way too seriously with its amount of backstories and the grand scale of mythos in general.

The reason why I liked this series is mostly because of Issei and Rias. Issei (who was voiced by the same guy who voiced Shu) was fated to have some badass power in form of full body armor and Touma-esque punches. Rias was the caring for Issei but she wasn’t completely over him compared to the rest of the girls. But as the light novel series persisted, Issei became the harem lead I kinda hated (same thing goes for Zombie too, but this has some plot atleast) Issei even with all these girls literally WANTING to screw him abandons his dreams of Harem King and marries Rias (but I also kind of approve of that).  Rias went from the caring female lead who didn’t really seem to care too much of Issei’s relationships with other girls becomes pretty jealous of the other girls later on in the novels, she goes off fighting other girls like Akeno. Unless the harem is planning on ending soon, I really wouldn’t want a “main” relationship to form. But in the end, it was pretty entertaining, I cannot deny that. While I do have my problems with it, I definitely wouldn’t mind a second season of this. Besides, my eyes cannot stop watching the openings and endings. Like Guilty Crown, I went into this series with little to no expectations, and for both series, I was entertained with what I got

That’s all for now folks.

Danshi Kokousei is next up in the review line!

6 thoughts on “Highschool DxD Review”

  1. when I first watch this I was like this should be bad next thing you know a first class perverts starts talking and im like I already know Im gonna hate the main character (I don’t like perverted even when Im a guy is still werid) I mean serious would you really wan’t blurt that out in public oh well it atleast got a little better down the rest of the episode great review

  2. Meh. I’m happy with Queen’s Blade’s, Ikkitousen’s and Koihime Musou’s boobs. These don’t interest me that much. Now pardon me as I look forward to the glory that is Queen’s Blade Rebellion.

    HotD’s boobies…something kinda odd about those boobs. Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Never again…NEVER AGAIN!

  3. I’m trying to decide whether or not to watch High School DxD. I don’t mind a bit of fanservice, but I’m worried this may be a little too much? The action-horror plot appeals to me though and I heard it’s quite funny?

    1. It’s “okay”.
      I just happent to have a vendetta against it but don’t let my personal qualms stop you from giving it a shot. I will say that the fanservice is usually at an all-time high in this series.

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