Liebster Blog Awards-from the Anime Tree


So, Somewhat Mystia here nominated me as one their 5 blogs to “award” this honor too. First, I am VERY honored as I really didn’t expect win….anything. So thanks to Mystia for broadening my views

Because I am just as lazy, I will borrow Robert’s description

“Basically, the Liebster Blog award is a “pay it forward” award in which bloggers with under 200 followers are nominated. If nominated, it would be appreciated if the blogger will follow the tradition and nominate 5 blogs under 200 followers that he is regularly reading.”

I was kinda suprised that I won anything, cause I went into blogging without too much expectations (and mostly cause I’m a pessimistic guy) but once again, thanks to Mystia and here are the 5 bloggers I have nominated. Just as a side note: Because I’m still a student, I usually just focus on this site and thinking of ways to make it more appealing, it takes a while for me to realize, “Oh I have friends” and go to my blogroll and comment on interesting stuff.

1) Wan Abrar: In all honesty, I was taken aback when I learned that Wan Abrar is younger than this site me and Light manage. That kinda bummed me out cause I thought they were around 3-4 years old or something. I guess now I can consider that site my “rival” but whats 1 against 4-5 going to do? If there’s one thing I’m jealous of, is that Wan Abrar and Rei can attract new writers while the one I work with is lazy and rarely posts anything. Congratulations to you Wan Abrar, you have my utmost respect and I would love to learn how to get new workers.

2). The G Empire: OG was probably the first….6 “friends” I tried to make months and months ago when this blog was still young and when I was trying to get this site up into the aniblogger community. OG talks about games, episodic reviews, rants, and just so much more entertaining things. OG’s a bro and while I ain’t a big of a fan of yuri as he is, I consider him an awesome person.

3).  Ace Railgun: Come on….it’s almost impossible not to read this guy’s stuff. He does EVERYTHIIING, and THAT is a good thing

4). Frozen Anime Blog: Myst is rather new on the scene of anime blogging, but I enjoy the site and the posts that are there.  Myst is a promising writer and I encourage all who haven’t to check that site out. But I should really comment more

5). Shades of Gray: Yerocha was probably THE first friend I’ve had in the community of anime/manga bloggers. Either it was Yerocha or it was Marth but Yerocha is doing something not many of anibloggers are doing. Yerocha solely focuses on manga and this also reminds me that I need to cover the newest chapters of Angel Beats as well. Keep doing what you do Yerocha!

That concludes this post, allow me to go catch up on series reviews 😀

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  1. Great picks!

    Wan Abrar has become so popular in such a short time because of how much effort Rei puts into it. He makes atleast a post a day and at the begining he was alone. It must be quite tough to manage this blog and make sure you always take top grades at school. I know the feeling since we both have the same problem. It’s almost as if you don’t have time for anything! However it would be a shame to abandon it so don’t! 😛

    • It doesn’t help that my brother impedes on my work when I actually have a lot of stuff I want to write about too
      But thanks for the vote of confidence

  2. Awww. ❤
    Thanks. Getting new writers is kinda hard though. I think the key is to spend more time on the blog to provide the reader as much content as you possibly can. Someone will come eventually, and make a page that you need new writers.

    • I’ve actually had around 3 people who wanted to write here, then 2 (or just 1) went on to write on your site.
      Hmmm, I wonder if I wrote it too strictly, then again, I only ask for weekly posts from anyone

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