Music of the Week #26

I’m already late on this one so I will make this one reallly short

But first: I do have everything planned out but now it is the matter of finding time to post, but fear not. Starting next wednesday is Spring Break for me which will give me some time to work on those posts. I wonder why Light isn’t doing anything, considering that he already have a 7 month break period.

But oh well, expect posts next week and expect a few this week as well

This week’s song will finish the original FMA songs that I enjoyed listening to. However, Youtube apparently had trouble with this song in particular and I couldn’t find a good video, so here’s the original version of the song by AKFG, Rewrite

Sorry about that everyone, but you have to realize, this is an old-ass series. Next series music stepping up for the plate is either Guilty Crown or one of my other archived songs. But I think I will share non-anime music when I reach the 50+ mark. So it’s either Guilty Crown or the other series.

I couldn’t find the opening itself or the just the regular cover song so non-Youtube it is then, click the link below and hear it