Music of the Week #23

I first want to apologize on me not being able to post for a while. I currently have to update the Author’s Corner, post on a game series, a post on some figures, get caught up on Amagami and Brave 10, aand, that’s pretty much it. The Winter season is coming to a close and that means I get to  review Guilty Crown which I have a lot of comments on, look foward to it. I will TRY to post something but for now, music posts every wednesday, I’m really sorry about this and I’m more sorry about Light not doing anything else either

Once again, this week, or rather this month is all FMA as I realized it has kickass themes. After FMA it maybe a small post on Samurai Champloo and how its musical style has led me to find some BEAUTIFUL music thanks to Nujabes. That, or I celebrate the Last Arc of Bleach and do songs from that.

Once again, I apologize. I have a shitton of outside of school activities and my brother in the house, I still need to catch up on some episodes on the series I’m watching. I have around 6-7 series I shall review by the end of the season.

In the event that I will not be able to post again this weekend (probably because I have races and debate meetings to attend) these weekly posts with songs will keep you updated, just know I ain’t dead or have run out of ideas, I’m just having very little time to work on my stuff

SO, this week’s song is the second opening of FMA, Ready Steady Go by L’arc en ciel, it’s better than the first opening for me but all of the first FMA’s openings are really good. So here you go everyone, Ready Steady Go, enjoy and thank you for staying and reading

That’s one hell of a song isn’t it? Well lemme try to raise that bar I set up by showing you something cool

Back in 2005, Nintendo released a tap-rhythm music game called Osu Tatakae Ouendan (or simply, Ouendan) for the DS which featured gameplay requiring you to hit music “markers” and get the rhythm right to score points. You played as a three man cheering squad (and later on hot cheerleaders) to help people in need. It was very well recieved for its art, gameplay, and humor which spawned a sequel and localised version here in the state. I will address the games later on if I remember to

But what does that have to do anything with this? Well I did mention “tap-rhythm music game” so just  guess what the final song is for the game

You guessed it