Brave 10 Episode 7+8 Review

Brave 10 Episode 7+8 Review

Let’s do it.

Brave 10’s Episode 8 is prolly the best episode so I STRONGLY recommend you all reading to see it

Yukimura decides to take Saizo, Isanami, and Rokuro to his journey. A lot of people are not liking that fact. Few for wanting to fight enemies, few for “alleged” lonliness at night and other times, and others for wanting to have “alone” time with Saizo.

While the 4 are riding, Rokuro and Yukimura discuss what the others are doing. Yukimura also explains who else is showing up to the meeting of leaders.

At that moment, Date Masamune reveals his plans to his subjects, he is also wearing a pretty flamboyant outfit as well. He’s plannng on doing something…it better be a fight and a damn good one at that.

The 4 travelers reach a local store to get some food when a child walks up to them and asks them if they are going to the big meeting. The crew agrees and he informs them there intended path will be experiencing some rainstorms and he suggests a longer but safer path

(I sense something). My senses are correct as Saizo smells gunpowder nearby and as the crew turn their backs, the kid smiles something fierce.

To put a long chain of sequences short: The crew fall into a series of elaborate traps concerning fire and BOMBS. However, the crew left at home come to the rescue and our crew is saved

Suprise suprise, the little kid from town was the little bastard responsible for all of us. Saizo just wants him to disappear but Isanami (being one of the most incompetant character in the show) bails him out of Saizo’s wrath. Either way, Yukimura finds the child’s talent useful and the child reponds to saying that he wishes to serve him.

  The kid introduces himself as Mochizuki Rokuro, which ticks off our other (and in opinion: Possibly gay) Rokuro. But then again, the kid calls his name pathetic, so I can let that one pass. Anyways, Yukimura decides to call the boy Benmaru andYukimura promises him that he will recruit him on their way back to the castle, as they are on route to their destination in Kyou.

Yukimura announces that everyone that is related to this meeting of lords is now under an “obligation” to not draw their weapons. So they basically have nothing to do while Rokuro follows Yukimura around town to their meeting.

As names like Date Masamune, Ishida Mitsunari, Naoe Kanetsugu, Ieyasu Tokugawa and the sort are meeting eachother before the meeting, our crew is currently wandering the city seeing what they need to do to pass time. The two oddly fashionable ninjas back in episode 5 or rather the episode Ana yelled at Isanami make an appearance as well.

The meeting is put on hold as Date Masamune arrives late but he arrives and gives his thanks to Tokugawa. Even though they announced drawing their swords wouldn’t be allowed, Masamune decides to screw the rules and challenges Yukimura to a duel. Yukimura being the semi trollish man he is, decides to fight Masamune with his fan. Yukimura somehow pulls off a win, almost castrating Tokugawa in the process

But Yukimura seems to have gotten himself in trouble as he is put under questioning regarding the fight between him and Masamune. He is to report to the castle.

But he screws the rules once again as he runs away with his crew the following evening.

Allow me to say this. I can understand Rokuro’s personality towards his boss. I would basically act like that too, but couldn’t he have chosen less gay clothing? I mean come on dude. We have Yuri whose pretty gay (unless they make him a girl) but Rokuro doesn’t really sit right with me

Episode 8

Tokugawa and Masamune seem not so pleased with Yukimura’s display the other day and find it more insulting that he fled so they conspire to kill him. I really hope it ends in a big fight.

 Also, before we start: Wow, we’re only a month away from the spring season begins, which means Zombie and Hayate no Gotoku in a few weeks. I also wish to apologize for Light’s absence, he’s practicing for national wide math competitions. Lucky bastard, I wonder why I’m not that smart

Anyways back to the topic on hand, Yukimura accesses the current situation until a few of Tokugawa’s men arrive behind them. Saizo and Yuri are dispatched but Benmaru shows up to help. With the current threat dealt with and because of how loud the bombs went off, Yukimura sends the above duo to scout ahead

The crew rests for a bit and Yuri and Saizo return with info that every route has been sabotaged and that they will be overwhelmed if they don’t act quickly. But fear not, thinks Yukimura, he has his assembled team and is ready to pull a Mass Effect 2

Hmm we have a Gay Number 1, Useless girl, Main dude, Giant dude who looks like Brock from Pokemon from this view, Mini Deidara, and yet another Gay dude…..HOW FABULOUS and even though he’s made himself more gayer than he looks, Yuri’s face is pricelses

Immediately afer that however, Masamune’s forces show up to confront Yukimura. Saizo’s inner protector sparks up and the Braves prepare for battle, FINALLY

Oh how I wish this was better res

Everyone’s abilities are pretty impressive to see against this large amounts of people. Yuri’s got his winds, Saizo his complete skill, Monk (yeah, I’m just gonna call him that, oh wait, I just remembered his name, Miyoshi) with his DotA-Earthshaker abilities, Rokuro’s wierdass sound based attacks, but the most devastating attacks coming from the youngest kid there with his damn bombs

As our crew falls back, they are now faced against Masamune’s 2 ninjas

Cue Sepiroth’s theme for added effects

Saizo literally overpowers the two with no real trouble and reflects back to past episodes. Saizo now declares himself not an Ninja of Iga, but one of the Braves servining Yukimura, cheesy but it kinda sounds better than I put it.

But it’s Boss fight time as Masamune himself arrives to beat them up

He says this after watching said “gathering of weaklings” decimate an entire army and his two ninja subordinates

But big boss fight is held as a ship arrives near the misty lake to save our extremely diverse set of heroes. The cannon fire drives away the rest of the army.

Onboard the ship, our group reunites with Kakei and a new friend named Jinpachi, who is currently hitting on Yuri

Man, it’s been 15 seconds and I like this dude already. He sounds and looks badass to boot, IS THAT ZORO/HIJIKATA’S VOICE IM HEARING?

As the crew ease themselves, Jinpachi tries to talk some more rewards out of Kakei.

It’s official, Jinpachi has salvaged the show. But that remark was after he called Isanmai a flat chested babyface which angers Miyoshi and he charges toward Jinpachi

Jinpachi however takes Miyoshi’s weapon with his bare hands and retaliates with with a electric attack. He explains that he has complete control over anyone onboard his ship and while he has formed a pact with Kakei, he has yet to do so with the others and he explains he wants them to see if they are worthy

Sweet Christ this dude’s awesome and with that, the entire ship begins to party, everyone minus Miyoshi who’s still knocked out, is partying in drunken stupor. While this is going on, Sasuke and Ana are back at the castle wondering what everyone else is doing. Kakei also explains to Saizo how he got aboard as he was trying to find a replacement gun and ended up gaining access to the ship’s munitions after drinking shittons of sake

Yukimura and Jinpachi have one nice conversation of freedom and the bounding of hearts. More or less, Yukimura convinces Jinpachi and his crew to join him

Now the 10 Braves have been gathered and everyone heads back to Ueda, hands down, beast episode

Jinpachi ends things off demanding big-breasted blonde beauties back home! It also seems Yuri has a HUUGE hangover

So we have

  • Saizo and his beast skills
  • Sasuke the hippie and his animal friends
  • Ana with her ice
  • Yuri with his wind
  • Rokuro with his still unexplained sound skills
  • Kakei with his cheap guns
  • Miyoshi with earthshaking might
  • Benmaru with Deidara like bomb skills
  • Jinpachi’s win style and electricity
  • Isanami and her unconditional power of death (hmmm ISanami and IZanami…some resemblance, took me this long to find out too)

However, judging from next episode previews, it seems that Ana has defected, well we can’t have 9 Braves can WE?

I said it before but I will say it again, BEST EPISODE

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  1. This pirate is more powerfull than the monk. Remember that it took about 5 people to defeat the monk but this guy managed to take him out in one shot! Now that all the 10 braves have gathered I wonder what will heappen next.

  2. Your Right HippieFreak I really can’t stand Rokuro’s gay Clothes you are still right how they just sudden pull off a Mass Effect 2 now that I think about it

  3. HippieFreak when does the episodes for this come out becuase I seem to catch it 2-4 days late and I like to watch it the second it comes out…

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