Brave 10 Episode 6 Review

Brave 10 Episode 6 Review

Sorry for the late post everyone but heres episode 6, 7 will follow shortly.

Let’s not waste anytime here, I have a report to finish.

Episode 5 gave us a speech from Ana to Isanami to stop being a whiny little b*tch but it didn’t give a lot of fight scenes. Does episode 6 change that? Well let’s find out

The episode starts out with the crew finding Rokuro and Yukimura gone, the group wonder if they have been kidnapped. Sasuke however informs them that they are actually taking a break and went to a hot springs and has invited all of them over. So it’s a leisure episode, ain’t that great

The leisure however shall begin after we meet another warrior who has been causing some ruckus down at the nearby village. Kakei flies through a wall and Saizo checks to see what happens. Turns out someone was about to leave a restaurant before paying for their meal.

That someone turns out to be a titan of a man who declares himself as a monk and that his actions allign with that of the Buddha’s. He states his holy mission: Finding his little sister. It catches our duo off guard and Saizo remarks that a sister to a such a gargantuan does not exist around here. Suprisingly, monk man turns his back to continue his search.

Kakei still pissed about the deal in the shop aims his gun at him but the monk turns around and bends the rifle. Kakei seems to have grown connected to his weapon as he had given it a name and is now completely incapacitated.

So a battle begins against the monk, Miyoshi Seikai Nyudo. Saizo realizes that he cannot take him down by strength alone. Yuri and Sasuke join in the fight but the monk is able to keep them off of him.


Yuri gets his face connected to the ground while Sasuke attempts to flip.

Okay I admit, this was pretty badass

Saizo uses Sasuke’s feet as a foothold to jump above the monk’s head and positions his blade to stab at the monk’s head. The monk accepts defeat but Isanami walks in

The monk recognizes her headpiece and instantly run towards her. Everyone else (minus Ana and Yuri) try to protect her from him.


Isanami says that she has never known a person like him. However, Saizo uses this to his advantage. He more or less tells Isanami to control her alleged “big brother”. He agrees with her and follows orders, orders being to repair all the damage they have caused in their fight.


Back at Yukimura’s place, Monk shares his story. He found Isanami and they both grew up as orphans at the shrine. He personally left on a spiritual journey (he basically concludes that Shinto-ism and Buddhism are the same [LIES]). Anyways, he shows a picture of him before his great increase in girth and Isanami recognizes him. But she still refuses a hug

So hot springs time! But we only have 2 girls! Do want or Do not want?

I’ll make this quick

What DIDN'T he want to see?

  • Saizo has a shit ton of scars
  • Yukimura is a perv, as he wished to see if Yuri was actually a guy or girl
  • Yuri leaves to wash himself near the river
  • Sasuke bathes with his animals
  • Kakei leaves to find a repairman for his gun. If he ends up like Matsushita (judo dude) from Angel Beats and comes back in the last episode, Imma be mad, cause he’s pretty funny
  • Isanami ponders about her powers
  • Ana apparently can’t take heat so well, as she specializes in ice.
  • Isanami is envious of Ana’s endowments (ohohohoho)
  • Yukimura infiltrates the woman’s bath, he seems to have no interest in Isanami’s figure
  • Upon hearing his little sister’s cry, Miyoshi (monk) jumps into the woman’s bath as well
  • Ana freezes  them all and Rokuro pwns the frozen Yukimura as well

Saizo leaves the bath and encounters Yuri who has caught a cold after washing himself near the river. Saizo tries to help him out but Yuri gets pissed at him for acting so nice to him. Yuri runs away like a flustered little schoolgirl trying to calm his heart down. I seriously want to learn if she’s a girl or not, I’m so confused right now.

...Taste WHAT?


BL moment at the end of the episode, Yuri and Saizo? If he’s a girl, I do not object, if he is still a he, bleh

Kinda funny though. Anywayse, a battle with Tokugawa? Will the series finally begin its battle phase?

We’ll find out soon

Episode 7 will actually be released seperately

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  1. HippieFreak I know i’m 2 day’s late to actually respond but it is hard to provoke me to watch something unless the series just began but even then I Just read off someone’s blog just to know if it is good but you convinced me to actually start watching this sounds really cool and how you said there is definitely gonna be a lot of action thanks now I got something to watch for once and while 🙂

      • no problem and is the series still ongoing because I only saw 7 and not just that Im already at episode 4 but I see what you were talking about in your reviews and it is actually a really good anime thanks for showing me this anime i’m glad 🙂 I just wish that one girl with the blue hair (forgot name) would stop leaning onto Saizo because even though is kinda funny is kinda stupid for her to do that

  2. Lol, I saw that and that was the first thing I noticed but the thing was you should never judge anime by it’s cover ya not book but anime or manga 😛 oh well is still good and hopefully it will be successful like Soul Eater although it only went to 40 something episodes it was good and it lasted longer than any other anime but it be nice to be long and by some stroke of luck it will become as successful as bleach, Naruto or something…

  3. Really? well ether way I had the same mind of attention when I saw the cover and the description and how you put it, It really made me enjoy it thank you hope you can give me more advice on anime

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