hippiefreak’s Extremely Simplistic Time Management Post

After being inspired by Overlord G’s simplistic (yes, it’s a compliment, I like simple) and effective way of inspiring me to get off my lazy ass to do something .  This is while I was reviewing something but I might as well do this. The entire “Time Management” series of posts originating from Kai’s very own post. SO, I decided to do mine as well, and Light if that bastard has time.

But now that I think about it, the topic is very boring, mostly because it is around me and Light who lead pretty “average” lives

Me and Light both wish we could draw

Both me and Light are students, but of different schools but he went to the same school before I transferred into another school. Light being one of the highest level classes in his school and me being in my respective top tier of my school’s classes. Light can speak for himself later on but I will focus on myself.

To put it simpley, I lead a very simple life for the time being. My days are divided into either Studying and doing school-work to playing games and watching…well that’s REALLY obvious isn’t it?

So for Weekdays, it’s simple: See what homework I have to do, organize it into each category of being time-consuming or taking a few minutes to complete. Sometimes the work requires the computer and I take that time to either check my daily updates on whatever I need to know in a nerd’s world. Episode releases matter to me on certain days and I try my best not to get sidetracked. I tend to work ahead in my schoolwork which leads me to stay up pretty late on certain days, more so when studying needs to be done as well. My usual sleeptime is always around 1-1:30 and I get up at around 7:30 everyday. During tougher times, I sleep at 3. If ideas get brewed up in my head, I usually update the blog if anything happens. Game talks are usually thought of during this time, I update them steadily if ideas pop up and I don’t want to forget them until I finally post them. Due to how late I go to sleep, I usually take a few naps here and there. The last few years, I had manga reading in between but currently, I’m not reading anything big.

Even though videogames and anime are my 2 hobbies, I reserve my videogame play until the weekend. I don’t want random videogame playthroughs to impede on my work, which explains how I play like a madman during fridays.

Of course, things pay off during the weekend and on fridays when my 2 day break starts. Friday is me literally playing nothing but games and a small workload getting done late at night. Weekends are for me to catch up on posting the usual stuff. Homework for the weekend is reserved for the large majority of sundays and a small majority during saturday nights. In between work times is of course me on the computer and playing games.

During times of big breaks, I’ll hang out with my friends. Either with Light and my old school friends or with my newfound friends. Hang-outs with my old friends are basically lazing off at my house and playing Brawl and Mario Kart or going out to see a movie. Hanging out with my new friends is lazing off at one of my friend’s house and playing other games and watching movies. Not too different but at least I can talk about anime/manga with Light and our friends.

Somewhat on-topic but listening to music helps me get through the work. What kind of music? Not too many anime songs but DO listen to a lot of music from games…You know, I don’t particularly enjoy mainstream American songs, nor do I like rap/hip hop(some exceptions) in general. Would it suprise you if I said “Music in videogames are just as good as songs [or even better]  out in America today?” Call me wierd, but I think so. I also just might post themes from games soon

If I’m not studying, on the computer or even writing here, I read (I cannot tell you how many times I have read Around the World in 80 Days) or have a debate within myself on religion and life as a whole. I was always intrigued with space and the beliefs of others and I enjoy (whether it be alone or with other people) to talk about the world and it’s many beliefs that there is “something” out there. I read Lovecraft which basically sends the message that mankind is insignificant and that the gods don’t give 2 sh*ts about us, while I’m taking a catholicism class that teaches me that the Christian God loves mankind and we are important. I also read about other religions and how it interplays with others. I have no religion and until something BIG happens, I plan on keeping it that way.

Sorry, is it too deep coming for a site that caters to this kind of stuff?

Anyways, I currently have some studious work regarding the Rise of Islam, episodic reviews for Brave 10 and Amagami to, Mass Effect 2 to platinum, and Fate/Extra to finish. I’m also looking to pick up piano or saxophone before graduating. Art and martial arts follow as well.

Light can either edit this post or make his own.

19 thoughts on “hippiefreak’s Extremely Simplistic Time Management Post”

  1. Nice management^^ And the things you study really IS deep, lol. Pretty religious stuffs. And indeed music helps me concentrate and I especially need them when I’m pulling an all-nighter. Without music, I will most probably dozed off the whole night, which isn’t that much difference then just going to sleep in the first place..

      1. Still, glad to see a fellow video game enthusiast who not only likes playing games but enjoys hearing the music as well. I may sound like a geek but do you know what music I mostly listen to?

        Wrestling theme songs
        Video Game music
        Anime OPs and EDs
        Classical Music
        Old school music before Child stars took over the world.

        So yeah.

      2. Minus the wrestling songs, I basically have the same taste in the musical genre as you do and because of the Fallout series I’ve gotten into listening older songs in general.
        Most kids these days only care about graphics, sports games, and shooting games. I can only find so many people who enjoy the beautiful pieces that videogames are able to give us

      3. I like RPG music most of all. They have a charm to them. Oh, and of course old school music…though I loved old school LONG before either Fallout or Bioshock made them popular to gamers.

      4. Of course you’re not a wrestling. That’s about as rare as gamers this generation appreciating gaming greatness for what it is rather than getting erections over head shots. Sheesh.

      5. Hopefully the mindless shooting games are just a fad like rap and we will hopefully come back to our senses one day

      6. Now I wouldn’t go so far as saying Rap sucks, FPS games, maybe but Rap, it all depends on the performer. Sadly many of the good ones have either retired, passed away or lost their touch.

      7. As I mentioned in the post, “with few exceptions” but yeah I guess I didn’t mention that in my reply. Your point on their current status is valid, I miss J Dilla.

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