Area No Kishi Recap 1-5

Area No Kishi Recap 1-5

So if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around for… 2 months? 3?

Yep. Been a while (excluding the few pictures I added to posts and Chinese New Year post, etc.)

To repent, I will be covering the Super Ultra Great Delicious Mountain Storm-y (New Prince of Tennis reference, by the way – an awesome manga & anime) Area no Kishi.

You might be thinking, “That’s new. A sports anime?” NOOOOOOOOO. I’M JUST SCREWING WITH Y’ALLs. Or am I?

Scroll down to find out!

Not really. I’m just trying to stall here for time so that you have to read long, boring, useless, trite sentences to make my post look longer, just like all great writers do.

Yeah, I’ll be covering a sports anime. I just hope it won’t go past 25 episodes… even if I love the manga.

Let’s start!


We have a wimpy little kid named Kakeru Aizawa, who’s a manager for his school’s soccer team. He’s also the brother of the soccer legend Suguru Aizawa. For some reason, Kakeru refuses to play soccer and insists on staying a manager. A brunette returns to Japan from America; her name is Nana Mishima (nicknamed Seven), and all of sudden she’s in Kakeru and Suguru’s school as the other soccer manager. Did I mention that the three are childhood friends? Despite all his protests against playing soccer, Kakeru goes out at night to practice soccer by himself in the park, only to be challenged by a stranger wearing some alien mask. The following day, Suguru calls Kakeru over and makes him join a soccer match.

-End of Ep 1-

After many failed attempts, Kakeru displays his skills as a forward by predicting and receiving Suguru’s impossible passes. When Kakeru has a chance to score, though, he switches from his left foot to his right, weakening the shot greatly and missing his chance. Kakeru meets the masked stranger again to explain how he injured his friend with his left leg in a game of soccer. That morning, Suguru wakes up feeling fantastic, better than he has ever felt. On the way to school, Suguru tries to tell Kakeru about the dream he had the night before and how the two of them won the World Cup together. But before Suguru can finish, they are hit by a truck.

-End of Ep 2-

Kakeru is in a coma, and we can see his childhood when he, Suguru, and Seven promised to join the Japanese national soccer team. In the real world, Suguru is pronounced brain dead, and his heart is transplanted to Kakeru to save Kakeru’s life. As two doctors discuss this, Seven overhears the decision. ALL BY CHANCE, PEOPLE. Not long after, Kakeru is discharged and hands in his resignation from the soccer team. As he and Seven are talking at the park, a girl is almost hit by a car; Kakeru kicks a ball and somehow hits the windshield of the car, saving the kid’s life. And somehow during all this, Kakeru looks all cool and shit like his brother. And Seven, being the typical piss-off shoujo character, goes, “Suguru-san…?”

-End of Ep 3-

Note: This is not the picture of him kicking in Ep 3…

Kakeru does not remember what happened when he shot the soccer ball, leading Nana/Seven to suspect Suguru’s heart is the cause. At the hospital, Suguru’s sport counselor, Ayaka Mine, examines Kakeru and reminds him to exercise. She secretly asks Seven to watch for any extrinsic behavior, which may have resulted from the heart transplant. That night, Kakeru realizes the alien mask person is Nana and that he received a heart transplant from Suguru. Kakeru goes to cry and all that and is in denial. Kakeru reads through Suguru’s dairy, and discovers how Japan’s forwards are lacking compared to Kakeru’s natural skills as a forward. The following day, Kakeru talks to Seven about how he plans to enroll in Enoshima High where Ryuichi Araki, a Suguru-level midfielder, attends. Nana plans to stalk him.

-End of Ep 4-

A year passes just like that, and Kakeru and Nana are now students in Enoshima High school. They enroll in ‘the’ soccer club, only to discover that their club is the school’s unofficial play-for-fun team. After learning that before nationals, FC (the unofficial team) competes with the official soccer team (SC) to determine who represents the school. Kakeru and Nana decide to stay with FC after realizing FC’s training is much more effective and skill-oriented than SC’s. Meanwhile, Kakeru attempts to persuade Araki, who is now a fatass, to rejoin FC. Unsurprisingly, Araki talks about the same frustration Suguru felt about the lack of skilled forwards to receive his passes. Kakeru offers to accept that position, but evidently, Araki is a damn tsundere.

-End of Ep 5-

I’ll be covering this week’s episode 6… soon!


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    • It depends. The main character is a wimp and all… and the series (like most sports series) isn’t very realistic, but I’d say it’s nowhere close to as bad as something like Inazuma Eleven where the football just makes no freaking sense at all. There’s some decent soccer, but the protagonist himself doesn’t really improve himself much through hard work but rather through his brother’s heart (in the manga, anyway). I’d try the manga first, since it’d be much faster to read than watch, then see if you want to watch the anime <– what I did.

      • I see. I might give the manga a look. I don’t really like a wimp being the main character. I remember watching some anime before like Captain Tsubasa, my God that was awesome. Guess I’ll give the manga a try.

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