100,000 Hits!


It’s around 1000+ views since we’ve actually hit the mark but oh well.

Thank you for 100,000 hits!

The title should have enough information to sate your needs for an explanation (if you actually needed one) but yes, 100,000 views!

It’s been a Year and 4 Months and we have racked over 100,000 views! and in my years of blogging, that’s the quickest time I’ve gotten 100,000 views!

I honestly have nothing else to say except that I want to thank everyone who visited here! Whether it was for the pictures, actual reading, or even if it was an obligation. I thank any and all sincerely for stopping by to this humble site ran by 2 lazy-ass kids (with one being significantly more lazier than the other). I know this site ain’t like the others, all fancy and all but I humbley thank you for visiting.

And of course, what’s a celebration (At-least around here…) without some pictures?

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will continue the support, either by visiting or commenting (I can see your views, but not your thoughts, COMMENT!)

So hippiefreak forced me on here… super busy this week T_T

Yo Light, Im really happy for ya and Imma let ya finish, but hippiefreak ha- SHUT UP


And here’s a great philosoraptor picture…

Ah… yes.

Hmm, not the way I would’ve ended the post but no matter

Since you’re reading this and because I don’t want to make another post on this (but I probably will mention it again)

The index page or the parent page of both “Used Images” and “Author’s Corner” are still…page entities by themselves (which inevitabely means: PICS). Sorry that I look like I’m trying to force it on you people but I feel sad when a nice pic is ignored. Hell, I’ll even link em to you

Index AC. Index UI

Thanks for visiting everyone, it truly means something to me (not sure about Light though) that you visit here.

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  1. Congratz for your 100,000 views I can never pull that off but atleast I can rely that you can do it for me HippieFreak and other person who works on here I forgot (other than the other 2)

      • I’ve followed you about a month but when I got on I didn’t notice something like this would happen so that is why I said congratulations and noticed you like Angel Beats I loved it the second I saw it that was when english dub came out I got curious to watch more so I finished it with the English Sub so that is why I started hanging out here and I am trying to get me a log in account so it would be easier for me and I can have my own picture instead of some robot looking dude >_> so keep on going with what your doing HippieFreak I root you on until I find something else to do when I get my stuff back… because Im in a bit of a fix where my grades are ok but it wont just do it for my parents…

    • Thanks for the inspirational words OG! Means a lot!
      Regarding the number of pictures I want to exterminate, 250k is probably a safe bet

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