Brave 10 Episode 5 Review

Brave 10 Episode 5 Review

Let’s get it done

The episode begins with Saizo reflecting back into his past. Where he had but one friend who he sparred with. However, his friend was contracted by a lord but then he was killed. Saizo learned that his people (ninjas) are only tools of the government, thus leading to Saizo’s general hate for lords. Saizo re-awakes from his recollection and then decides to set out by himself. Kakei mentions that his actions will be reported.

Back at Ueda, Sasuke recieves the report that Isanami was kidnapped and Saizo’s proclamation of his solo act. Yukimura sends Ana and Sasuke to help them. We also switch scenes to Masamune’s place where they have captured Isanami who weeps like a biaatch.

Masamune tells us that the Kushi-Mitama is one of the four treasures called the Mitamas, instead of asking help from the Gods. Masamune reveals his plans to revolutionize the world. While this is going on, Ana and Sasuke approach the location and fight off the guards.

While Masamune gloats that no one can reach his palace, Sasuke immediately does so and finds Isanami in her room. However Isanami mopes even further at how she does not wish to return to Ueda as she will cause problems for everyone (Good, get the hell out of here!). Ana happens to be in quite a situation as she was captured (I guess she sucks with a sword).

 Two distinctly fashionable guards walk in and comment on how bodacious Ana looks and they wish to “mess around” with her. However, a small feud occurs amongst the guards and they end up throwing a bucket of water at her and then she awakes, freezes them, and gets out. Sasuke is somehow pulled into trouble once more but Ana happens to save Isanami. S

he once again mopes that Ana and everyone else got hurt because of her and refuses to leave. But at least she realizes that she’s a huge burden. Ana then gives a particularly true speech that basically says that Isanami is a cowardly hoe and she needs to get stronger instead of needing protection every damn time. After that, she safely returns to Ueda and we find Saizo and company return. Saizo gets Isanami’s attention as always but he flyswats her away and goes to take a bath.

Yukimura and his man-servant also notes of Yuri who has tagged along with them. Yukimura prohibits fighting between his warriors against non-complete hostiles but convinces Yuri that he can stay here for fighting other people. The rest of the time, Isanami tries to get Saizo to talk but no avail. Saizo while resting on the roof is confronted by Sasuke, who headbutts him and kicks him into a pond.

Bad Quality, I know, but Sasuke is giving him a hand. What does this remind you of? (look all the way up!)

The two get in an argument. Sasuke basically saying that he realizes his flaws and can accept that is he isn’t the strongest. Sasuke then tells him simply, to get stronger not for himself, but for the sake of someone else. Yukimura walks in on this and a flustered Sasuke runs off while Isanami jumps on Saizo

Later on, the entire crew gathers to Yukimura’s room to discuss  their findings. However, due to the attack from Hanzo and snake lady, they weren’t able to completely make out what the inscriptions said back-beneath the shrine.

Let the fangirls squeal

May the noses bleed

Rokuro, the manservant then uses his mysterious-ass power from his right eye to “drain” the things Saizo has seen back then. He writes them out and Yukimura claims that there is no useable information. The crew leaves disappointed. But it seems that it was a lie, Yukimura and Rokuro seems to have found some knowledge on something but it isn’t told to us.

There wasn't a big fight this week. U mad?

The episode ends as Saizo tells Sasuke and he will make him repay what has happened today.

Barely any fighting in this episode and the story moved like a slug slowly dying from salt. But it did point out something for Saizo and the end might branch off into something new.

I'll admit, that's a cool effect

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  1. I almost feel bad for this, but I read the summary first and was able to skip the first half of it to see the better part of the episode /shameless

    Good summary, though >>;

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