Amagami SS + Episode 5 Review


So our Rihoko arc was concluded nicely and we redial the clock to return to where everyone’s favorite highschool swimmer was abled to be romanced by our lead, Junichi.

The episode basically continues off where we obviously left off last episode. Well not entirely, if it did, then there was probably some hot love mak-. Anyway, the above incident did indeed happen and the two have gotten together (officially). The two now are a grade higher and they’ve gotten busy because of it. Junichi is studying hard to get into college while Nanasaki is now the Swimming club’s Captain. However, because of their busy lives, their time together have been cut short but the two plan on a big date on the 24th of December. The usual school day passes by (after Junichi pulls Nanasaki next to him while she’s trying to wake him up). Junichi’s friend begs on how to get a girlfriend while he’s been tired out because of studying. Anyways, his cram school is on break so he decides to stop by the swimming club’s pool. Even with pure intentions of seeing his girlfriend, he is caught by the them and is confronted by Nanasaki and the swim team. The swim team however forgives Junichi, mostly because they want to tease their new captain. They tell him that she’s been looking at the entrance to the pool around “this time” which results in

Anyways, Junichi gets his ass saved. But not for long, Miya of all people show up and tells him that she joined the club and basically talks crap about him, which eventually leads to him getting….Well I guess a beating, nothing else pops in my mind on what a few girls in swimsuits could be able to do to one man…..other than THAT of course. However, forgiveness does occur after school activities are finished

Junichi has made it very clear that he has been studying a lot into his sleep time so he’s been sleeping in the nurse’s room. Nanasaki visitis him and he is somehow able to convince her to sing a lullaby to him, while he rests his head on her. But let’s skip scenes to where Junichi drops the bomb on the situation. Apparently, their date seems to be delayed as Junichi messed up bad on his practice exams. He accidentally marked every answer out of order (specifically, his answers were off by one row). Because of his, his cram school is making him take even more classes with a scary-ass teacher (Ayatsuji is mentiond here as the sadistic instructor).

Anyways, Nanasaki tells him that she will be busy because of a club party.Which of course was just an excuse and Nanasaki is kinda down for the rest of the episode. But moods rise up as she prepares him a gift the day he leaves for classes; Junichi also is preparing a gift for her as well. Moods drop down once more as Junichi was literally KIDNAPPED by the cram school during the night and she is unable to give him the gift.


I know you feel this Shepar- Gah, wrong section

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    1. Indeed, it requires more of what the other heroines had. While the first season’s hot springs scene speaks for itself, I wouldn’t say i wouldn’t want to see something top that.

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