Brave 10 Episode 3-4 Recap

Brave 10 Episode 3-4 Recap

Continuing off from where I left off yesterday

Depends on whch Sasuke we're talking about

Episode 3 introduces a new warrior named Juzo Kakei who accompanies Saizo and Isanami on a return trip to Izumo’s shrine. The reason being that Yukimura wishes to know why Ieyasu’s men attacked it and the fact that Ieyasu’s men followed Isanami around means that whatever they’re looking for, they didn’t find it in the shrine. The three set off to the shrine and we learn that: Kakei is a uptight man who thinks that girls should wear some less revealing clothes, Isanami is a flirty shrine maiden who was planning on doing something to Saizou. Finally, Kakei thought that Isanami was Saizou’s wife. They reach a bridge but see that a lone woman has injured her foot and Isanami being the uneccessary “good samitaran” tries to help her as they cross the bridge. Kakei reveals that he is afraid of heights and he doesn’t get on the bridge quite yet. Suprise suprise, the injured woman was actually a bandit leader named Yuri Kamakuze who uses a kusarigama (sickle and chain) and can control wind. But Kakei has a suprise for us as well as he uses an old school rifle. Anyways, Yuri gets away with it and cuts the bridge’s ropes which causes Saizo to fall into the canyon below. Being the tough sonoffabitch he is, he survives and goes to save the day once more (with Kakei of course). Yuri and Isanami have a conversation where Yuri describes his hobbies of killing people which freaks out Isanami. Saizo arrives and proceeds to fight Yuri. To make a long story short, Saizo gets Yuri pretty good and he tells Saizo to finish him off. Kind of honorable and sadistic at the same time considering how many people he has killed. Saizo was just about to cut the dude’s head off and then Isanami comes along to stop him. After a petty talk on how he does not need to kill one more person and he isn’t like Yuri, they leave for Izumo and leaves Yuri alone to….do whatever. Episode ends as they walk toward Izumo

Sounded pretty gay

Episode 4 brings us back to where it started, Izumo shrine. The three decide to split up and search for whatever they need to find in the burned ruins. Isanami runs of and is sad that no one has survived the encounter back in episode 1. Saizo follows her because she’s bound to get kidnapped again. They eventually meet up again near a distorted yin-yang symbol on the ground. It seems that they need to fix the pattern in order to gain access to something. Isanami is somehow able to naturally fix the symbol and they gain access to an underground passage. They reach the bottom and find inscriptions on the wall but they are joined by two familiar people. Hanzo and the snake lady appear to confront our two fighters, Hanzo also mentions that Kushi Mitama, the jewel on Isanmai’s headdress. It was the reason for everything that has happend and this causes Isanami to become depressed for the entirety of the episode. The fight is cool like in every episode Brave 10 pulls off but this time it was waay to dark for me to properly see the entire fight. Snake lady basically puts Kakei in a sleeperhold because she just incapacitates him during Hanzo and Saizo’s fight. The two seem pretty even at first but Hanzo kicks his ass. However, Yuri from the last episode jumps into the fight, with the intention of stopping Hanzo killing Saizo because he wants the pleasure of doing that himself. Eventually, after a crapload of injuries on both sides, snake lady gets taken down and Hanzo gets taken down by the combined might of Yuri and Saizo, but they immediately pass out afterwords. Later, Isanami is patching all three of them up and apologizing for their wounds. Even Yuri seems calmed down and every seems to have turned out okay, even Isanami didn’t get kidnap-


Anyways, episode ends off as Masamune runs off trollishly on his horse with Isanami kidnapped once again.

My thoughts: If they killed off that chill Hanzo, I’m gonna be pissed. Isanami gets kidnapped like Princess Peach from Mario. I ain’t TOO annoyed but come on.
Regular episodic coverages will begin after new episodes are released!

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  1. Well episode 4 for me was boring. Show is starting to look like it is for my small brother or something. I don’t expect it to be good this season. I’m looking forward to the 2nd season, since all the brave 10 are probably gathered and ready for battle.

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