Brave 10 Episode 1-2 Recap

Brave 10 Episode 1-2 Recap

One of the two series I will be covering this season

Brave 10’s premise is the gathering of the 10 Braves by Sanada Yukimura. The 10 Braves are the legendary 10 warriors that united under Yukimura in the many sieges of Osaka Castle.

If you haven’t paid attention, this will be the regularly covered. Which basically means this will be the series I will be breaking down chock full of my snide, rage, sarcasm, and of course screencaps. But 4 episodes are already out, and there hasn’t been too big of a plot that has been revealed. So these four currently released episodes will be lightly touched upon in this post while I will begin to review the remaining episodes.

10 Rings? Like Mandarin from Iron Man? Or the Akatsuki?


 Episode 1 introduces us to our hot damsel in distress and her messy hair-ed knight in black/blue cloak. Isanami, a Shinto shrine maiden in Izumo flees from said shrine in Izumo as it is under attack. The assailaints hunt the girl down but the girl finds a lone man walking in the woods. The hunters try to fight the man but they lose terribley. After saving her, she freaks out why he won’t help her further but she is able to win him over by buying him some food. The man introduces himself as Saizo (Kirigakure, Saizo) a samurai/ninja (she calls him a samurai but he is refered to as a ninja of Iga). Being a man of his word, he agrees to take Isanami to Yukimura Sanada’s palace. After a while, they finally arrive but Saizo is attacked by Sarutobi Sasuke, Yukimura’s ninja who trained under Koga (For those of you who know nothing, Iga and Koga are Ninja clans that can be considered rival schools/clans for ninja). However, the two are stopped by Isanami and they gain entrance to the castle. Yukimura first appears as a dick as he ignores Isanami’s plea for help. She apparently was instructed by her shrine master to seek protection here. Yukimura dismisses them and Saizo leaves. However, Isanmai follows him and they get attacked by the dudes who attacked them earlier. Somewhere along the fight, Isanami’s headdress with a jewel on it goes Kekkaishi and kills anything in a huge radius around her. Sasuke and Yukimura show up and reveal that rejecting them was a plan to draw out the enemy. Anyway, shit’s resolved and Yukimura takes the two under his bigass castle. Yukimura then mentions his 10 finers and ten heroes to equal the said 10 fingers, gee, I wonder what reference he’s making. Antics follow the next morning as Sasuke seems to have developed a thing for Isanami and also Yukimura’s ninja’s want to trollishly dick around with Saizo. Anyway, this ends the first episode Skilled ninja with one sword vs Skilled ninja with TWO swords

Skilled ninja with one sword vs Skilled ninja with TWO swords

Episode 2: Saizo runs away from Isanami’s clingy attitude and finds yet another clingly woman. This time, it’s his childhood friend, Ana who apparently is capable of Cryo-kinesis. Anyways, Yukimura hosts a small festival for his people. Isanami, being the shrine maiden performs in a ceramony while Saizo wants to go kill off some snakes that have been appearing in the area. Isanami follows him and ends up being rescued again. Saizo fights against a freakishly huge snake but gets injured doing so. He finishes it off by stabbing it in the eye but the damn thing EXPLODES. The two end up being caved in after the explosion. While Isanami displays very clearly that she really (REALLY) likes Saizou (so far as to calling him “her ray of light”), Saizou gains a miniscule amount of “trust” and busts their asses out of the situation. Sasuke is getting a handful of snakes as he finds the source of all of them, this strange snake b*tch. He clearly is a lot more agile than she is but every wound he makes on her spawns a snake (how does THAT work?). Oh yeah, she also explains “her” snakes are riddled with gunpowder. Anyway, Sasuke gets bit by one and he gets help from Ana in fighting this biatch. The palace also under siege from the blokes from before, this time, they’ve got a boss with them. Of course, they go after Isanami and she realizes that boss-man is the one that she encountered while her shrine was being burnt down (he’s the dude that killed a bunch of people back in episode 1’s beginning scene) Anyways, Saizo comes in but he has trouble fighting this man, what’s his name? HATTORI HANZO (Take note that he is with the Tokugawa Ieyasu and that he’s fighting against Saizou, who basically is fighting for Yukimura) . Anyways, Hanzo beats Saizo to the ground. But then, he pops right back up to save Isanami. Then more help arrives as Ana and Sasuke show up. Hanzo then leaves, cause a good man knows when to back off. Episode 2 ends off here

Episode 3 and Episode 4 will be done as soon as possible!

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    • strange, I didn’t get a notification on my MSN. Eh, the series doesn’t change from its regular formula. Girl is in danger, dude saves, only with different characters with each episode.
      More antagonists are needed for more epic fights

  1. At first I didn’t expect it to be that much of a fun. But the first episode proves me wrong. The anime is good but what is lacking is the battle. It is too short. Too much talking, we need more battle scenes.

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