Music of the Week #22

First of all, Happy Birthday to me (Feb.28th was my birthday) and Happy Leap Year….Day. The 29th of February rolls around every 4 years so…do something in your sites to make it display what you did on the 29th!

If you didn’t know, my brother is back from college and school and having him back is eating away my time at working here on this site. As much as I wish to post and use up these wonderful pictures, for the time beingI cannot. I will try my best to get the weekly releases done and a few other thing, like getting Light to post some shit. ¬†By the way, expect a post on figures again ūüėÄ with a small top 5 list that I desperately want.

Why can I not post during my brother’s stay? Well the situation with me owning this site and my brother is basically like Oreimo, as he does not know that I mantain a site like this. Whatever, I digress

Anyways the version I wanted to go for this week’s song was the original: the one with a opening riff in the ending theme begins where it showed a few characters in stylish fashion. Fullmetal Alchemist (the original’s) first ending was probably my FAVORITE song out of the entire series of the anime, in my opinion it even beats some songs in Brotherhood. Whether it be¬†from nostalgia from watching the video and seeing the same scenes I saw as a kid or that it’s just a good song, I cannot say (but probably both)

¬†FMA had a LOT of good music now that I look back on it, so expect a month-worth of FMA songs, with a few Brotherhood songs at the end. The song’s following might be a tribute to Bleach as it entered its final arc, One Piece for still continuing, I also have posts planned regarding Gintama and Samurai Champloo before I upload any songs on those two series

Sorry for going off topic, here’s FMA’s First Ending.

(I love the scene where Ed stands in front of the grave)

Gametalk 3: Pokemon!

A look at the games and the anime

It should be obvious to anyone who had heard of the series before that Pokemon is one of the longer running series of both the gaming and anime/manga world. The games has followed the path of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” route for the past few years since it’s release. The anime has stayed the same, but in the opinions of many people, it started out great and somewhere it started to go downhill. So where did it all go? Call me childish, but this piece of work is a still a cherished part of my childhood and it has done little so far to break away from what made it so good in the first place (at least for the games)

Because this is an anime/manga site, I will focus on that part of Pokemon a little more than the games.


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Music of the Week #21

New song, New set of 10, New pic

Let’s turn back the nostalgia from Naruto a little further.

Before Brotherhood, we just had Fullmetal Alchemist. It definitely wasn’t my FAVORITE series but it still was nice to watch every now and then. The series did creep me out a few times but most of the Fullmetal Alchemist content that I recognize and/or base my opinions on is basically what I watched in this version of the series. But I do watch Brotherhood every time it airs on adult swim. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the better dubs I’ve heard.

By the way, Brave 10 episode might be either delayed our out right posted later today

So this week and the following weeks will be some FMA (maybe some Brotherhood) songs. Here’s the very first opening to the first series, Enjoy

Western Animation: The Boondocks and “Riley Wuz Here”

Remember that time in the library when you were a kid? You were looking through books and shuffling them aside¬†then your parents/teacher comes up and tells you that phrase that you would hear many times over, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I want to talk about something you probably have never heard of if you’re an anime fan. That or you don’t live in the U.S.¬†¬†So lets take a break from highschool kids getting blessed with either hot girls or superpowers. Let’s take a ride to the west, and talk about one of my favorite western animation

Yes, I realize this is an ANIME blog but I just HAD to talk about some western animation sooner or later. Other than the childhood classics that came with Nickelodean and Cartoon Network, I have one series that want to talk about today, and it is called The Boondocks. This day happens to be the 6th year since one of the favorite episodes from said show was aired.

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Amagami SS + Episode 7 Review

SO, you say Nanasaki Ai’s arc was kinda down on the perv level? Well do I have something to tell you. Well….judging from the title you should have figured out what may or may not have aforementioned perviness. But fear not, cause I validate the fact that there are some scenes like that. My attempt at sounding sophisticated aside, lets get to it

Well hot damn, they skipped over Sae’s arc to give us Kaoru’s. I’m down with that, but does that mean Sae is next or the fan favorite Haruka?

Anyways, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do so lets make this quick

Episode starts off with an action scene. Kaoru is shown working as an announcer to a rendition of a Power Rangers/Sentai show. Junichi being one of the evil henchmen gets kicked and he decides to go off script and more or less screw Kaoru over.

This isn't even the best part..

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Music of the Week #20

Sorry for being so late everyone, I was busy watching a basketball game with my friends from school. Had a small shopping cart racing and hot sauce drinking contest, ah good times.

Anyways here’s the final Naruto song, Yura Yura by Hearts Grow, the 9th opening for Naruto. Which reminds me, exactly what the hell happened with openings going past 5-7. I mean Sasuke left and that leaves nothing else to do but train right? Oh wait, fillers, right. But I have to give this last classic opening some credit, looking at it now, it’s nostalgic (as I always say). Come on, watch the video, they look like school kids with questionable fashion senses instead of ninjas. I love the song and I also love the video, the change from shounen pumped up songs to this one kinda reflects the change the characters go through I guess. I love the fighting style in the opening as well, just bare fists and kicks.

Anyways, enjoy the last Naruto classic song and enjoy the picture above as well as next week it shall be 21st Music of the Week which means a new picture will take its place.

Amagami SS + Episode 6 Review

I’ve got a big post with pictures and a big post of text (related to games of course) planned right now. Short post as I have a few more planned stuff.

You won't be seeing swimsuits but oh well

So lets this thing started

Last episode, Junich was promptly kidnapped by his cram school so he could study more, leaving Nanasaki alone for their planned date. Sad¬†Nanasaki is sad fanbase. ¬†So while Junichi is studying away, Nanasaki works with her team to manage the school’s festival. They also do a rendition of Shakespeare’s classic, Romeo and Juliet with some more or less correct pronounciations.

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