Amagami SS + Episode 4 Review


I am very sure you people won’t read the sidebar for the smaller announcements so here it is. I will covering both Brave 10 and Amagami SS + while Light has stepped down from covering Nisemonogatari (well, he hasn’t even started) he has decided to cover Area no Kishi and New Prince of Tennis. With that in mind, more information:

Basically Brave 10 will be given a recap post and I will cover it just like I have done with the other covered series. Amagami on the other hand will get a simpler post that doesn’t break down the entire episode. It’s a love story, I can’t capture that in still-pictures too well

So let’s move on

Last episode, Rihoko was pushed against a fence and was confessed to. Rihoko however musters up the courage to say who she liked. Junichi was actually just around the corner and overhears this. But nearby train passes by and the confession can’t be heard by the likes of us 3D folk. Junichi hears of this and walks back home trying to stay out of site fromRihoko. Once Rihoko gets to Miya and Junichi’s house, Miya asks if Rihoko has seen her brother and Junichi walks in on cue.

After a little awkward moment and talking about Miya’s horrific cooking, the two leave Rihoko to do her work. Junichi checks on her and when you thought they were going to tell eachother, they don’t. Anyways, the food is made, and the siblings and Rihoko survive anotherday. Rihoko also takes the time on who she got help from making the food she prepared.

So after Miya gets a call that she will be gone tomorrow with her friends a huge downpour of rain begins and Rihoko is told to stay the night. Then we go ahead and see Junichi sees his feelings for Rihoko has considerably grown as he looks through pictures that were taken years back.

So after that, after Miya acts as an annoyance for Junichi, Rihoko who is unable to sleep finds Junichi staring outside. Rihoko tries to tell him that we’ve all been wanting to hear but Junichi shifts the subject to fireworks and ultimately prolongs the inevitable confession. They reminisce about their past and talk about their futures. Junichi more or less confesses his feelings. Rihoko, being stunned by his preemptive strike tries to strike back with her own feelings but lands a firework on his feet. Junichi freaks out and he falls, where? You guessed it, they fall on eachother

Well it’s almost impossible to remove this event from the minds of the these youths so out with it!

Cue M.Bison's video

So they finally confess and out comes the kiss

The next morning, the two share a moment but then Miya shows up to ruin it all. Our episode and Rihoko’s arc comes to a romantic, but ultimately short close

My short thoughts be that Rihoko still suffers a little lagging behind from the rest of the girls (I presume this because the confessions happened last season while Rihoko just got hers). I initally expected Junichi to man up and save Rihoko himself, have a moment, kiss, and just…do what the other girls would do in their respective arcs. All I am saying is that Rihoko’s “arc” literally started while everyone else just gets a continuation-“filler” for their arcs. But at LEAST they gave us this ending, man if they didn’t they were literally making this to troll us. I rather liked Rihoko’s arc compared to the rest of the girls. Not that I hate the other girls (minus Sae, other than her voice, there’s something I don’t like about her looks)  there’s something about childhood friends realizing that they love eachother that makes me happy, even if it’s not me because my family literally moved around from America to Korea during my lifetime. My “Childhood friend”-less past aside, I presume the same formula from Ayatsuji’s arc (small subplot) will be prevalent in the coming episodes. So tune in next time

Nanasaki’s arc is next!

4 thoughts on “Amagami SS + Episode 4 Review”

  1. I am personally not that much of an Rihoko fan. You could say that the Rihoko arc basically finishes in the plus series because they didn’t get to confess in the amagami SS ones. So yeah, Rihoko was my least favourite along with Nanasaki. There wasn’t that much of romance in their arcs.

    1. I saw Sae’s arc as my least favorite. I was just particular on Rihoko’s arc because it just wasn’t right friendzoning her back in the last season. There’s something about Nanasaki i just really like, and her voice makes it oh so much better

  2. There might be a continual to the Rihoko’s arc in the special episode, you might never know. There might even be a 3rd season. I know the chance are slim but yeah you might never know.

    I’m a bit of a fan of Rihoko, I guess because I really like the shy type of girl the most. Can’t wait for Nanasaki’s arc, and of course my favourite Moroshima. 😀

    1. I love every girl in this series 😀 cept for Sae and Miya. I wonder if Morishima’s friend gets a little recognition.

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