Saint Young Men Mini Review

This manga gives me hope that this world still has a sense of humor

They're EXACTLY the people you thought they were

I repeatedly wonder HOW in the world I came to find this series. It’s not that I regret it, I’m just curious at myself what I did to find such a manga.

Saint Young Men…is a very hilarious manga if you familiar with two influential men. Jesus Christ, the son of God and Siddhartha Gautama, the Supreme Buddah. I, personally am not the most religious person in the world, but I have read many things of Christianity (hell I even took a class) while being taught many things about Buddhism by my late grandfather. But, not much is needed to get the humor of this manga anyway

SYM, as I have mentioned focus on Jesus and Buddha. What on Earth are they doing? Well as the new millenium rolls along, Jesus and Buddha decide to celebrate and decide to have a small leisurely relaxation period for themselves in Japan. They rent an apartment and try to hide their identities as much as they can. Join two not so average men in an average day in Japan

  • Jesus: Out of the duo, Jesus is the more easy going kind of guy. He has trouble controlling his habit of buying things while Buddha scolds him for not saving money for their rent. Jesus also owns a blog too. He reviews t.v dramas the day they are released and is loved on the internet. He’s also known to be VERY friendly to all his followers, even to Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed him and got him killed. Jesus also has problems concerning his miracles. Whenever he is happy his halo will glow and miracles will uncontrollably occur. He also wears his iconic Crown of Thorns that sometimes bloom flowers when is happy too.
  • Buddha: Buddha is the “serious” guy of the duo and is sad that many people portray him in statues and little idols.  Other than that, he seems to have less problems than Jesus does as he can control himself pretty well. He is teased because of his hairstyle and his abnormal earlobes. Buddha being aware of Jesus’ miraculous abilities makes him use cheap clay and turn it into bread or water in wine.  He also uses a statue of himself as furniture after unintentionally winning it in a contest. He also sows most of the clothes they wear
  • Heaven’s inhabitant and Animals: When Jesus or Buddha are in danger of from, animals or even angels usually try to intervene anything to protect him from harm. Also animals try and protect them, both from rain and hunger. Birds line by their windows, a turkey arrives at their front door with a match, and a cat jumps onto a plate to sacrifice itself. In the many funny moments that happen in the series, Jesus reveals to Buddha that many of the stories surrounding him are “exaggerated” at times. For example, when John the Baptist was baptizing Jesus, Jesus  needed to put his head underwater but was afraid of drowning. After making a big fuss, John decided to just pour water over his head. If I’m not mistaken a dove from heaven flew down and asked if Jesus was alright. Also, Jesus walked on water because he couldn’t swim.

This is a mini-review because there really isn’t that much to talk about this series. It’s a slife of life with divine powers, miracles, divine interventions, animals trying to help you, and avoiding any big attention.

I definitely reccommend this to anyone wanting some comedy. I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone who takes religion VERY seriously and see any false interpretation of holy figures as blasphemy. If your not one of those people, by all means, read it. Theres not too many flaws that I have found (Jesus however seems to blush a little too much) so I don’t have that much to say other than it is  a very comedic portrayal of Jesus and Buddha. Plus, the author has probably done some research and hasn’t got too many things wrong with the teachings of Christianity or Buddhism. One such example is that in the Christian faith, Jesus was born as a human man (along with divinity) and did so to redeem mankind’s sins. If you have actually read the Old Testament you would know that the chosen people of God messes up a sh*tton of times.

Short review as I have said, there isn’t a big plot or a lot of chapters so I guess my review ends off here

5 thoughts on “Saint Young Men Mini Review”

    1. At the moment an anime does not exist for this manga, as hilarious as it is. Something tells me a public anime that depicts Jesus and Buddha as best friends kinda makes me unsure.
      But oh well, thanks for commenting 😀

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