Gametalk 2: Tenshin Ranman HGL and…Mass Effect

I’ve said many times before that if I was given a choice, I would have loved to own a videogame blog. But videogames are expensive, they cost at the lowest in new condition at $35 and the highest being $60. Games are expensive and I cannot play too much because I would run out of memory on my PS3 and I try to refrain from playing on weekdays to catch up on my studies. Anime and manga on the other hand is pretty free on the internet so I have no complaints there. Back in the days when there were 4 writers, not many of the other members played a lot of games or were not-lazy enough to write anything about them

Anyways today I want to just lightly talk about the two games I’ve been playing the most. Actually there are 3 games I’ve been playing a lot but only 2 have story.

The first game, Tenshin Ranman HGL (Happy Go Lucky)

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