Music of the Week #17

If I ever got into Naruto during my younger years, it was definitely because of the opening themes that got me hooked. The same story could be said with my brother and his great love for One Piece. It first started out as awknowledging the theme song and eventually lead to him to scouring the internet to find every volume availible. Naruto I chose to do because out of the “Bigger” names in the manga/anime world today, it currently has the least amoung of songs I like. I guess I just stopped caring for the openings after Shippuden started.

In my very short opinion on Naruto, they should end it after this current arc. Also, WHY ISN’T ANYONE “NAMED” OR “SIGNIFICANT” DYING YET?

So the first song that got me into Naruto was by the 2nd opening, Haruka Kanata by the AKFG.