Carnival Phantasm Mini Review

Carnival Phantasm Mini Review

It’s starting!

Awesome opening

I personally have never played Tsukihime, Melty Blood, or even Fate/Stay Night but that didn’t really stop me from watching this series and enjoying most of what it had to offer. Well, to be COMPLETELY honest, my brother has played Fate/Stay Night, I’ve watched the anime series (which from his words was crap compared to the game), I’ve read Melty Blood’s manga while I literally had no idea over Tsukihime while one of my friends told me its story. But like I said, I haven’t played the games, but knew enough of the source material for me to get some of the jokes. But I digress

So Carnival Phantasm, as I have mentioned, has a lot to do with FS/N, Tsukihime, and Melty Blood. Mostly in the obvious forms of characters from respective series. That’s three damn series (well, Melty Blood is part of Tsukihime so two and a half series) worth of characters and backgrounds to go over, so I’m really not going to do that.

This is a MINI-REVIEW and I will keep it as such as there isn’t a plot in this series because their respective games have enough story for all you story freaks out there.

So, the review part, here it is. Basically the “premise” which is not the “plot” is that the characters from the three series I have mentioned just doing whatever the hell they want. So it literally boils down to cute girls, funny inside jokes between characters, and…cats. Theres not really much to go by only that you would enjoy yourself a lot more with this series if you understand its predecessors and their “inside jokes”. Hell the ENTIRE THING could be considered an inside joke because it literally just has the characters Type Moon has created in the last 10 years (this show served as an anniversary gift in words)

The show itself? Hilarious. These characters, in their respective games usually end up dying or killing eachother so the show basically is the comedy that didn’t happen in the games. Because the games have some serious storyline going on you can call it “pure” fanservice as it is nothing but nicely developed characters just doing….whatever they are doing.

Episode 9 was utterly hilarious. To Lancer’s dragster, Assassin’s truck, Gilgamesh’s riding skills, E.T references, and epic comeback from Saber and Shirou who ultimately ask back the money they used to win the race with their automated lion car.

Because it is a mini review, I will end things here. The series itself is one hell of a funny series. Even funnier if you understand what they are saying.

Will there be season 4? (because it was seperated into seasons with 3-4 episodes each) It will be hilarious to see these idiots again and I want to see more ATLASIA DAMMIT

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  1. Episode 2, 8 and 9 are the only episodes I’ve seen so far. But hell, I can’t stop bursting to laughter with this show especially the grand prix episode. F-cking awesome haha now I’m planning to watch it in marathon. 🙂

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