Amagami SS + Episode 1-3 Recap

So in the end I’ve decided to cover Amagami SS + just because I love the characters…minus Sae of course, no idea why I don’t like her as much as the other girls. While I cover this, Nisemonogatari will be covered by Light assuming he’s not lazing off right now.

So while I munch on this nice plate of cake in front of me, let’s quickly recap this series.

I first want to start off by saying that this is baically a “second season” of Amagami SS released a few years ago. Amagami gave us something a lot of people liked, an omnibus style of going through each of the girls arc. Technically a harem but at the same time, it’s not. We saw the story of our hapless male protagonists get closer to Morishima, Kaoru, Sae, Nanasaki, Rihoko, and Ayatsuji. I also forgot to mention the stalker girl whom I have forgotten. Yes I realized that I didn’t stay consistent with naming the characters. Judging from the past 3 episodes, this series goes backwards, starting with Ayatsuji, then Rihoko, and so forth. Another difference is that the first Amagami had 24 episodes while Plus halved that to 12.

I would personally reccomend that you watch the first season as Plus is a continuation of each character “ending”. By that I mean it continues exactly where the highschool life leaved off. For example (spoilers but screw em, you’ll see it anyway) Morishima’s arc ends up with them marrying eachother and basically living their lives as husband and wife. I HIGHLY doubt that they will play on with that ending and continuing it here because Ayatsuji’s arc ended with them having a family together and bringing their kid to a see a christmas tree. YES, I realized that I could have just used Ayatsuji’s arc as a perfect example instead of Morishima’s arc as well. But as a blogger, it pains me to delete things that I have written already.

As I have mentioned, Plus goes backwards of the order in the first season, has 2 episodes per character, and continues from the story of the first season. Now that I have gotten that down, let’s do a simple recap of the past 3 episode. I will be doing full on episode coverages for remaining 9 episodes.

Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc (Episode 1-2)

Yes, bath time and school swimsuits are VERY relevant in this arc.

 Ayatsuji’s arc as I have mentioned before ends with the two having a family. Plus’s arc on Ayatsuji goes back to their highschool years again where they are dating. The plot revolves around getting elected as student council president and Junichi getting into complicated matters as he gets picked as vice president by two students. That picture basically starts the “arc” and ends it, how? The beginning of the arc starts with Junichi dreaming of said image only with him in that scenario and the arc ends with him actually BEING in that situation. The event’s between those two similar instances is obviously the bulk of the story. Ayatsuji basically goes against another girl named Kurosawa. Kurosawa to get at Ayatsuji seduces Junichi and Ayatsuji walks in on them kissing. However, Ayatsuji not being a predictable girl actually believes Junichi saying that it wasn’t was it looked like. Ayatsuji proves herself smarter than many characters as she recognizes this move as a way to interfere with her election as student council president. With no suprise she wins and we move on. After getting into an accident concerning a dog and some water, Junichi is invited to Ayatsuji’s house to use the shower. Then the top picture becomes relevant, she joins him. They share a moment and kiss, and then it fades to black.

Rihoko Sakurai’s arc (Episode 3-4)

How could you say "no" to that?

Sadly Rihoko’s arc ended up with Junichi and Rihoko being “friend zoned” in the last season of Amagami. So it basically picks up where it left off. So basically the tea club is now only 2 members as the two seniors have left. Rihoko explains that she is in an one-sided relationship with Junichi and the first episode of her arc is mostly them reliving the past. Which is measuring their weight and chests. Junichi explains that he and his sister have been eating watermelons and noodles for the past few days as his uncle got into an accident and his parents had to leave them nothing but watermelons. So Rihoko decides to cook them dinner and on her way over, she gets hit on by another schoolmate and is basically forced up against a chain link fence. However, Junichi is seeing all of his and thats where the episode leaves off

Episode 4 will be formally reviewed. Light should get around to his post around now. If both of us are feeling up to it, one of us might take another series to cover this season. Light will cover Nisemonogatari and one of us will see if we can cover Brave 10 as well.

4 thoughts on “Amagami SS + Episode 1-3 Recap”

  1. I watched the first episode and I like Morishima’s arc and her ending. It’s quite weird for me to know that they are somewhat going to change her ending. 😦

    1. You mean during the first season right? Well like I said, they are probably going back to before they got married and just continue on after their final scene in the first season.

  2. Rihoko arc needs to end well this time. Or i’ll be raging for sure this season just like the last one. Also there will be like 6 episode special for this season, so please be good this time. Or i’ll cut the directors balls for sure xD

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