Music of the Week #16

A day late, mostly because I was busy yesterday with schoolwork.

Well usually that isn’t really my problem when it comes to this site but whatever, Light actually made a post regarding SOPA and PIPA (mostly for the funny pictures he found online).

So this week’s song is from what I regard as the funniest highschool comedy I have ever seeen. Cromartie Highschool is a highschool life that I would love to have. Minus the part where everyone is a dumbass at least. I mean come on, a school with gorillas, robots, aliens, horses, AND Freddie Mercury. How awesome is that?

Of course Danshi Kokousei is doing a nice job entertaining me as well.

The opening is a very nice song. Has the old feel to it.

Apparently my uncle was a gangster in his younger years back in Korea. He tells me that back then, gangsters weren’t the bullies that run around in this age. Instead they basically served as the “bodyguards” of the highschool students from other schools and as such, would fight against the rival school’s gang. A sense of honor was there back in the day, unlike today’s gangsters.

Light currently is still deciding what series he wishes to cover while I’m thinking to cover Amagami or Brave 10…I will try to get our minds set up by the end of this week. So expect a 3 episode recap post from both of us.

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