Winter 2011/2012 Anime Preview + First Impressions

Now with brutal honesty!


  • Recorder to Randoseru: I’m pretty sure every child has terrible memories playing the recorder. It’s a memory I don’t want to recall.
  • New Prince of Tennis: More serves that hit the opponent’s nose, no thanks.
  • Poyopoyo Kanatsu Nikki: What?
  • Another: Something about horror/yanderes never got to me. Might give it a try if it ends up being good (probably will though…)
  • Natsume Yujin-cho: Didn’t read the manga
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Theres always an anime like this every season. Another thing they share in common is not being watched by me.
  • Zero no Tsukaima F: I never liked Louise or a majority of the characters that were voiced by Rie Kugimiya. I would be depressed if I started watching this. It’s another ecchi series with the awkward walk ins by characters and the loli-tsundere main beating up the dude.
  • Baby Please Kill me: I hated Hidan no Aria about a highschool setting with guns and swords. I hated the flippy main female lead with the assassin’s skills but turned away in horror at insects and lightning. What does this series remind me of? Hmmmm…
  • Aquarian Evol: Shit, I really need to start Eureka 7…
  • Rinne no Lagrange: Hmm…Eureka 7…
  • Gundam: No thanks
  • Tantei Opera Milkey Holmes: I just don’t get the “milkey” part…
  • Gokujyo: TBA
  • Black Rock  Shooter: TBA
  • Therma Romae: Roman bathes and Japan, hmmm

Area no Kishi

After Slam Dunk, I could use another sports manga for motivation. Area no Kishi’s very premise  got me hooked and such premise will end in a very epic style as our main will literally rise above all others. Befitting as our main looks like a weak turd compared to his brother who apparently is the god of their school. Character transition from weakling to badass is something I always enjoy seeing. Watching

Moretsu Pirates

Pirates?  I think of One Piece and Johnny Depp. Space Pirates? I think of Metroid, Gintama, FLCL. Pirates in anime (lets say One Piece) seem a little…laid back. I think Luffy needed to consider that pirates usually pillage, raid, plunder, and rape. What Luffy does is more of a joyride through the ocean and running in against pirates. Gintama kinda reassures that pirates are still bloodthirsty and FLCL proves that pirates are (entertaining) bastards. Metroid doesn’t even need an introduction on its history with space pirates. I wonder what makes kid want to be pirates…it’s not all giving orders and having a ship, it’s about making it far in life by making others come up short. Dropped

Inu x Boku SS

As much of a guy I am, I wouldn’t mind a prettyboy following me around and serving my every whim. Black sparkles…interesting. I also like the girl with the glasses. The main character is kinda wierd in a way of rejecting people. Secret service? More like crapload of monsters serving humans. Imma see where this goes. Also..KANAAAAAA. Watching


Me and Light are big fans of Bakemonogatari and we were happy to see it gain a sequel. First episode was fine. I don’t really like Hitagi’s expression of life as much as Light does but eh. Araragi dares to leave Nadeko alone in her house to hang out with Hachikugi? that bastard. His little sisters are pretty nice too. Watching

Ano Natsu de Matteru

There was something about Onegai Teacher/Twins that I particularly didn’t like. This follows the same pattern by having familiar characters (at least I think so) with glasses and all that. Although I admit, the premise seems interesting but just the characters I don’t like to look at. Will begin to watch later if people rave about the ending or the series in general as it goes on. Dropped

Brave 10

I learned a lot about samurais and ninjas from many many things. Namely books I’ve read as a child or by old games like the Mystical Ninja series. So I just knew what they were talking about when they said Iga Clan, Koga, Clan, etc. Did they HAVE to make Sarutobe Sasuke that girly? Is it any reference to anything that he has a trench knife as a weapon? Anyways, guys are badass, the girls cute, Me watch, and I’ll be able to learn the 10 Brave’s names without any trouble just by watching this. Watching

Amagami SS +

I’m a sucker for romance animes and Amagami SS delivered something I wish a lot of harem animes would be able to pull off which are multiple endings and individual character arcs. I really couldn’t deny more of the series I liked last time. More Nanasaki Ai, so thats a plus. Watching

Highschool DxD

I always need at least 1-2 of harem series so I can keep my expectations low enough so I won’t say every series is a good series. Highschool DxD fits that quite nicely. It’s like Kore wa Zombie, only with a significant number of exposed skin. A decent lead? Questionable as he actually wants a harem unlike the a huge number of harem leads who never wanted one. Look at Tomoki from Sora no Otoshi, he’s a complete pervert yet he refuses to romance angeloids, hmmm. Rias is hot, will watch 😀

Danshi Kokousei no Nichijou

Am I watching an animated rendition of me, Light, and one of our friends right now? Dude with the glasses got Gin’s voice, which is pure win. 3 highschool guys that talk about the crap that goes on in modern anime, literally what me and Light talk about. Funny and relatable. Watching

7 thoughts on “Winter 2011/2012 Anime Preview + First Impressions”

  1. ” It’s like Kore wa Zombie, only with a significant number of exposed skin.”

    just say it’s borderline hentai and everybody will understand…:D

  2. -Okay, pervert: Check.
    -Historian: Check.
    -Sportsman: Check.
    -Hates all things cute and fuzzy: Check.
    -Hates musicals: Check
    -Hates most 2D girls with non-inflatable breasts: Check.
    -Hates slow moving shows that pay off later: Check.
    -Hates horror/suspense/thriller animation: Check.

    I’ve learned a lot about your tastes today.

    1. I shall clarify
      Cute and Fuzzy: If theres an overdose of it, I probably will hate it (I play too much Warhammer and games like Dark Souls)
      Musicals: It’s on the “average” scale
      Hating 2D with flatchests: Few exceptions. Namely Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku and a small handful of loli’s
      Slow moving: My time be precious because I’m still a busy student
      Horror/Suspense/Thriller: I do like the last two, but I can get enough scary in Silent Hill and enough blood in every other game I play.

      Quite perceptive of you though 😀

  3. I encourage you to try Space Pirates again when a few more episodes have come out and you can get a better idea of what its like. The first two episodes have been fairly good and have defied almost all of my negative expectations going in. Alternatively, you can also check out my writes-ups on the episodes as that will hopefully give you a better idea of what I mean. 🙂

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