Music of the Week #15

Well, I posted one of my longer classics post regarding the best sports series, Slam Dunk. In order to celebrate that, lets listen to the original Japanese anime’s opening

If you read most of my classics reviews, you would have seen that it was my brother that helped me find the older series which would ultimately become the better series I would have a chance to read. Slam Dunk was probably the first series my brother read so faithfully. If I remembered correctly, he had a ton of volumes in his room a long time ago, what has happened to them now, I have no idea. But then again, he just might have borrowed them. Anyway, this was in Korea and a few months in America. Now this series is famous even in Korea, so much that the localization gave the characters korean names. It wasn’t that rare and the series usually retain the Japanese but I strictly remember Inuyasha and Slam Dunk being the few series that had localized names. Yu Yu Hakusho was literally subbed in Korean while few others held their names. In addition to Korean localization that brought korean names and dubs, we also had songs in Korean as well. Now there are a handful of ones that were actually uploaded to youtube. If I remember correctly, I uploaded the School Rumble opening as well as the Korean one. I actually liked the Korean ending (same melody and lyrical translation) but I still couldn’t find it. Oh yeah, sometimes songs are either direct translations, or completely new.

I will probably post the korean versions if I can find them, if they are good, and its japanese counterpart was selected.

So let me stop talking and just give you the song, first, the First and Original opening!

The Korean opening is pretty nostalgic, and so is the ending for me. Personally I prefer the korean ending over the japanese one while the openings are both equally awesome. Give them a hear, ya hear?

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