Music of the Week #14

Life’s been pretty normal I guess, a week without some anime does give me more time to study.

That aside, I’m pretty sure the winter series will air in a week or two. The first impressions and the preview post will be out once most series have their pilot episodes air. Until then, I’m working on a few other reviews on other series. Not much else to talk about…

Oh yeah, thanks for visiting some of the pages everyone. Remember, pages have pictures, yes, even the pages that just link to other pages (for ex. the Author’s Corner page is a page itself and it will link to the 2011 and 2012 entries). Also whats the deal with Hidan no Aria? That’s racking up views pretty quick alongside the Yu Yu Hakusho review.

Anyways, let me stop talking and give you this week’s song. This song is debatably THE MOST cutest/heartwarming song next to Renai Circulation


4 thoughts on “Music of the Week #14”

    1. I always feel that the older series have some style or flair that make it lot better than the animes today. Either that, or the quality has generally gone down.
      But yes, it is an adorable song 😀

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