Happy New Year!


Ah wait, wrong one

There we go

Well, it’s as simple as that. 2012 is here and we can say hello to new oppertunities.

Last year, this site passed it’s first birthday and this year we gained 86,428 views. Light came back and the site just had a bunch of new stuff added in to it. We also made a crapload of friends to the site and like I said, tons of stuff added to the site. More pages, sidebar content, outgoing links, and more posts

Me and Light thank you for visiting us and we hope you join us again for the winter season. I also added a few things (like a new page) for the author’s corner. I personally have 2 classic/analysis posts planned and I’m still in the middle of writing them all, but, they’re coming

Once again, thank you for visiting and we shall see you next time. We are working on the Winter Preview + first impressions post and once that is released, the winter season for review starts from there.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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