Music of the Week #12

Lets not waste any time here

This week’s song is from the very rare Samurai Animes that aired for quite a while

Who could forget Kenshin? Our painfully kind samurai who has a pretty tragic story?

Yet another nostalgic memory for me, I remember the korean dub actually having an amazing voice cast. Unfortunetly, I couldn’t find the version of the ending I wanted, during the final lines of the chorus (mostly the final 30 seconds) I wanted the Saito fight against Kenshin instead of him going against Sanosuke.


Boku ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Episode 11 Review

Alright, Alright, who DIDN’T see the end coming? It was obvious as a….hmm, can’t really think of a snarky line, I guess being hungry and cold while typing doesn’t help.

So while I blast Nujabes into my ears, lets get to it

THIS PICTURE IS RELEVANT (yes, even in the right side of the picture)

There won’t be a lot of screen caps this ep, sorry everyone

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Gametalk 1: Luminous Arc 2 and Fate/Extra

It will not be often I talk about games, but you people like pictures, and these games have very nice ones.

So if you listened to me or have followed the Author’s Corner (which I highly doubt) you would have known that I bought some, fanservicey JRPG games. I bought Luminous Arc 2 and Fate/Extra. Allow me to talk about them for a while, while giving everyone their pictures :D. I apologize firsthand for not being able to post seriously on friday and saturday. Friday was me literally playing said games (and a few others) while saturday I worked for the Salvation Army (which you would have known if you read the Author’s Corner :p ). I guess you could consider this a review, but at the moment, I haven’t finished either of the games, so just my quick thoughts

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Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 10 Review

Only a few eps left

Not really much to talk about to open up this review, so lets get straight to it

This week’s episode finishes off what I like to call the swimsuit arc, mostly because they focus on going to the pool in one episode, then they discuss going to the summer resort, now it’s finally time for the resort.

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Music of the Week #10

It might be a while until you see this pic again, so saves!

For every 10 music vids, I will try to find a somewhat music relevant picture. If not, REPEAT!

Anyways, I want to apologize in advance because Light won’t be able to join us again this week because he has a bunch of tests the following week. If I can find the time this weekend, I’ll cover the episodes in a bunched up way. Better than nothing right?

So enjoy this week’s song while I go hunt down a non anime/JRPG character figure (Specifically, I’m hunting a figure/statue of Alduin, the World Eater Dragon deity in TES V: Skyrim)


Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 9 Review

Lets get it done

I’ll say it right now, great episode this week. We got plenty of Sena and Kobato which is ALWAYS a good thing. Apparently Light has been assigned more work than ever, and if that is certainly true, I will review or rather catch up to the Majikoi episodes

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