Goodbye Fall Season

Goodbye Fall Season

Apparently Light hasn’t watched anything else this season other than the series I have reviewed myself and so that basically brings the Fall Season anime here to a close

There were a few series I couldn’t watch and maybe, just maybe, I will watch them later on.

Ika Musume just didn’t sit right with me, I don’t know, it was a hit or miss comedy series with me and it missed pretty badily. Horizon seemed to take itself too seriously or I’m expecting too much of a serious tone with girls with chests the size of over inflated water balloons. Maken Ki I could tell would end up badly. Mirai Nikki had yandere, do not want. Somewhere along the road, the wonder in Bakuman just died a little. It is hard to get to the top, but sometimes being too realistic might not be the best way to get there in a series like Bakuman

 Ben-To? Apparently someone couldn’t cook and the time it took them to learn how to fight could easily be replaced with cooking lessons. I would take it seriously if everyone was literally dirt poor and were semi-beggars but..ah screw it.  I’m just losing my sense of humor aren’t I? Eh, maybe one day.

I particularly heard that Mirai Nikki and Horizon were actually good. I never meant that they were bad. It’s just that I was never good with freaky crap and Horizon I just couldn’t take seriously. Anyways, maybe someday I will watch them.

Currently I’m reading Slam Dunk and still planning to watch Eureka 7 and Stein;s Gate. Eureka 7 is getting a sequel next April and I might as well prepare.

Unlike this season, I have NO IDEA on what to cover this winter. This time, because I will most likely cover 1 series (same with Light I hope) we probably will better quality episodic reviews. Maybe Nisemonogatari while Light covers Highschool DxD (Oh it’s a harem/ecchi with a puny main lead I know, I go to an all boys school, I have an excuse.)

It was an okay season, I only have so much time to watch everything. With that said, New Years is coming up soon so expect a post on that. Finally, the Author’s Corner will basically have another page added to it. You’ll see what I mean soon.

Take care~

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  1. Here is some of my suggestion for the Winter season, Another (horror anime), Nisemonogatari (a must watch, if you already watch Bakemonogatari), Black Rock Shooter (if you already watch the OVA), Kill Me Baby (if you want some laugh), Nichijou (it’s airing again if you missed the season before and yes you will lol in this anime all the time), Brave10 (for some action type of anime) and also Rinne no Lagrange (if you are a mecha fan).

  2. The Winter season is a tricky one. The only shows I know I’ll watch are sequels (Nisemonogatari and Natsume 4). Of course this makes the coverage from blogs all the more important.

  3. I has too D:
    Maken-ki – Sucked
    Bento – Sucked
    Persona 4 – Eh… Decent I guess
    Shakugan no Shana – LET THE BAD GUY WIN FFS
    Phi Brain – Not over yet

  4. For me the fall season had too many shows I wanted to see. More than I could realistically follow, let alone blog about. I’ve got less shows I’m interested in for the upcoming winter season, but there are a few that I’m really looking forward to.

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

  5. As far as I’m concerned, 2001 has been a great year overall. Heck, my top fav anime this year is a whoppin’ 20 compared to other animeniacs’ top 10. I guess I’m just easier to please or a really happy person. I dunno.

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