Cube x Cursed x Curious Review

It’s like watching a cute cat bask in a pool of blood and innards…

Man, C3, what a craaaaazy ride. Due to the strange nature of this series, lets go on over to MAL

From the light novel series written by Minase Hazuki, comes a story of love, action, and comedy. Yachi Haruaki is a high school boy who is naturally resistant to curses. After his father sends him a mysterious black cube, Haruaki awakes to find a nude girl named Fear standing in his kitchen. She’s the human form of the cursed black cube – and an instrument of torture! Utilizing her special abilities, Fear fights alongside Haruaki to defeat other cursed instruments and their owners.

Gee whiz, thanks MAL

Well with that out of the way, characters!

  • Haruaki: He seems way to calm about the situation he’s in. I’m assuming he has past experience with more cursed objects because he doesn’t seem that fazed when crazy shit happens. I debate whether he’s a good character in terms of being friendly with others or not trying hard enough with the girls. Meh, so so
  • FEAR: I have a feeling her skirt is WAAAAAAY to short, not that I’m complaining or anything. Leave it to Japan to make anything into a cute little girl. Fear (in cube which is her real name) is a cursed tool all the way back to the Inquistitions. You know the torture tools? Well she basically can summon them at will. Other than that, she’s adorable. Like how Index is full of black text, Fear is full of terrible weapons.  Another loli I like, how quaint.
  • Muramasa: Glasses, busty, no thanks (TAKE THAT LIGHT). Muramasa also happens to be a cursed tool. Unlike Fear, the adorable loli chock-full of fiendish devices, Muramasa is a simple katana. Man, if a loli has around 100 weapons to her, I expected more from busty here.
  • Kirika: Kirika thankfully is not a cursed tool (cause a guy can’t screw a gigantic cube and a sword you know) but unfortunetly she is bound by two cursed tools. One is a very suggestive bondage…outfit that literally she has to wear as her undergarments (both of them), this subsequently keeps her alive if she is ever hit with a fatal blow and she has one more rope-like tool used for offensive purposes. Why did I explain Kirika the most? Well I have to explain her ridiculous power that comes in by wearing S&M gear.
  • Kuroe: Kuroe showed up at the last quarter of the series and was suspected to be behind the plotline for the last bit of the series. Kuroe was once a cursed object that was somehow cured of her curse. She retains her powers, regarding hair and rightfully so, works at a salon.
  • Shiraho and Sovereignty: I would call one of them the antagonist in the halfway point of the series, but in the end, both of them are allies to our extremely strange cast of characters. They also switched places and confused us for a bit. Sovereignty is the cursed object here, it’s basically a cursed doll and I won’t try to get further into it The series itself was pretty strange, even for me who greatly enjoyed Kore wa Zombie. I believe there are around 3 arcs in this series. One focusing on this strange broad that attacks our main alongside Fear. Shiraho’s arc and finally the last arc. The main “issue” or rather “perk” about this show is of its rather violent side. Remind me of Higurashi only not so mind blowingly demented. Fear is adorable, Kirkia is hot, the series itself looks beautiful but the story just doesn’t really grow on you. That’s probably me but the action itself was able to keep me hooked (no matter how crazy it  was)

That’s what Kirika will wear under her regular clothes, FOREVER. We got to see a sexy but painful sequence featuring Kirika with that thing in action.

We have a few new characters I haven’t seen. A pretty new girl with glasses and a new blue haired girl with bangs. Not bad.jpg

Overall, I cannot say it’s a bad series, but it’s a series that you need to watch if you really want to know if you want to continue watching. In case you haven’t realized, it’s a harem so everyone’s after Haruaki’s dick ass

Just give me Shiraho and Kirika (maybe the new glasses girl wouldn’t be so bad too) and we got ourselves a happy series. The only Sovereign that exists in my mind is the one from Mass Effect, so sorry, I’ll just take Shiraho 😀

Watch the first few episodes. Then you can judge for yourself. Apologies for the messy review

9 thoughts on “Cube x Cursed x Curious Review”

  1. Gotta say, I loved this series, I can only hope they make more, their is easily enough LN content for the to do so.

    I demand more of Fears crazy antics! The mummy maker was disapointing though, she had so much charicter potental.

    1. Well shes cool in her own way, but I don’t know, Fear just has, somthing about her, although I agree she skirt was kinda short.
      Muramasa however was lacking in most departments chariter wise I felt.

      I also knowticed the artwork in your reveiw displays two charicters not in the anime, I am disapoint.

      Although I’ll admit I disagree somwhat with your comment on the story not growing on you, I found myself wanting to know what happened next, but everyone’s different in their tastes after all.

      1. I’m pretty sure I would think better of it if I watched it again.
        Yeah about those characters, Sorry, I can’t resist not posting good artwork.
        Kirika is cute, and has a built in S&M clothing underneath, it’s a double whammy

      2. Ha, well if that’s your taste, s’all good, she certainly manages to carry her S&M with a strange level of refinement.

        No worries about the pictures, if anything it hints that their may be another series (I can hope). Well I guess it’s that or learn Japanese and read the Novels and/or manga.

        But I’m not trying to argue that the plot needs an oscar or anything, it’s not exactly groundbreaking or original I’ll admit, I just liked it.

  2. I have this in 1080p and the review makes me feel the 3 days I spent in getting that are going to be worth it.
    First two episodes were chill, but I will pick this back up after I’m done with some of my old collection.

    1. I’m iffy when it comes to my older reviews but thanks for commenting.

      The series really stood out with the weird factor and I’m surprised I still remember it.

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