Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Review

I have this and C3 to review and then it’s time to ready the Winter anime posts

This show is nothing without me! Give me another season filled with me and Kobato!

One of the series that I reviewed this season. The one I actually fully covered. I was just thinking of editing the episode 12 review and having the review at the end of it, but I just might as well finish it off here. I’m just going to make this short with a opinion on characters and thoughts

  • Kodaka: Kodaka was a pretty good main character. Maybe it’s because theres only one legitimate fanservice “meat” in the series. Kodaka is able to scare people away which proves to be useful when protecting one of his newfound “friends”. Thankfully, in most harem series, Kodaka isn’t the one getting abused by one of the girls. Sena and Rika do enough for that for him. Kodaka is a pretty good main character, it would be better if he appreciated his sister a little more…
  • Yozora: I honestly never hated Yozora. I found her attitude as a nice counteraction of Sena and Kobato’s cuteness. You may say that’s a bad thing but I kind of like Yozora’s attitude. I liked her even before she cut her hair. Long hair made her look pretty while the short hair made her look…I’m not sure, “fresh” may be a suitable word. She gets extra points for childhood friend origin.
  • Sena: Sena is without a doubt, the fan favorite of the show. I mean come on, big chest, plays games, and is kind of perverted herself. She turns it up to 11 but then again, she does have the rich girl attitude. This may be a HUUUUGE spoiler so highlight to see. Remember when Sena’s dad seemed to highly approve of Kodaka? Well I heard online that Sena was apparently the fiance of Kodaka in an arranged marriage plan made by their parents. Damn you Kodaka…
  • Rika: Rika’s our star pervert. She’s into anything you can think of. Yaoi, Yuri, Mecha hentai, and tons more. Rika is perpetually dressed in a labcoat and her glasses. Take that Light, I like the loli’s more than the glass girl in this anime. Rika is constantly the one being abused and or subdued by Yozora because of her perverted outbursts and tries to make less than serious advances on Kodaka. I’m pretty sure later she becomes serious about it though.
  • Yukimura: Yukimura was a funny character and that mostly centered around gay jokes and moments. In order to learn how to be manly, he dresses up in a maid outfit to serve the club members. Spoilers! Turn that he to a she, Yukimura is a actually a girl
  • Maria: Maria really reminds me of Index from…Index. For that reason I love this little girl. I strangely prefer her in her nun uniform instead of any other outifit she wears. Maybe it’s just the weak but everso holy aura around her (even though she mistook insane Bible passages) either that or the taboo of a nun outfit on a loli, no wait thats not it either. I don’t know, she’s cute and affectionate and thats all that theres to it. She also has a laid back sister, moar like for her and her sister.
  • Kobato: Kana Hanazawa really does fit the imouto voice role really well. I prefer Kobato when she’s out of character of the TV show she constantly watches. She wastes her cuteness acting out her favorite character and thus is a loner in middle school. She only depends her An-chan and isn’t really scared of being naked around him. She’s so f*cking cute, me wants one. I wonder why I like the Lolis in this series….

What can I say? It basically follows the light novel. So I can safely say it is a faithful adaptation. The animation quality was good for the first few but I felt it kinda lag in the lower qualities a few times. It’s a crazy series with a colorful cast of characters (with believable hair color) and the ending of the first season DEMANDS a second one.

I went ahead and read a few translated light novel, I REALLY like Maria’s sister, Kate. She’s pretty good looking and is pretty laid back. She also likes Kodaka, Imma go off in a tangent and vote for Kate ending, WILDCARD BITCHES!

It’s a series about making friends, how far can you go eh? Watch it, it’s funny

6 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Review”

  1. Lmao so many light novel spoilers in here and the me and my big hand ;x Ohh well, I only have myself to blame D:

    Nice review anyhow! I’d love to see a second season too.

    1. Thank you! Well, even if I put spoilers, that makes people want to see them more.

      Second seasoooon~ with Kaate~

  2. So if they make a 2nd season and introduce Maria’s sister, we’re going to get ANOTHER GIRLS WHO LIKES KODAKA!? I want to vomit. Not because I dislike Kodaka, because I don’t but because this is just another harem show that could have been so much more.

    Anyway, I Yozora’s Yozora, Maria I want to take to the back of a shed and mutilate her for insulting my intelligence, Rika pissed me off (Yuri’s an annoying genre in your eyes?! Oh dear…), Ku.Ku.Ku’s only negative trait is that she’s lolicon fap material,Sena’s pure awesomeness. Yukimura’s…there.

    Anywho, good wrap up dood.

  3. I agree with you on Yozora. I don’t get why people dislike her so much. She is a bit mean but she is a good contrast to the over cuteness of every other girl. When she cut her hair she got even better. Loved the childhood origin story too, I’m a sucker for them what can I say.

    But favorite character has to be Kodako for just being awesome. Finally a guy who doesn’t just overreact about every little thing and shows signs of annoyance when the girls get too clingy or lovey-dovey *cough* Rika *cough*.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the series, but because of the ending I’m hoping for a season two.

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