Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 12 Review


But first, we will take a look back, all the way to the first episode. Instead of having Kodaka as our narrator, we shall see through the eyes of Yozora. To make a long story short, Yozora recognized Kodaka from day one and was too embarassed to confront him. I ridicule myself for not piecing these out. You see I already KNEW that Kodaka’s friend was indeed Yozora, I just didn’t notice all the clues, SHE gave off. By that I meant all time she was blushing around him.

(it’s too bad we couldn’t see the false Bible passages)

So we just literally see the first episode in Yozora’s eyes again. We also see how she meets Maria and what a terrible first impresison Maria made on Yozora. Well we skip past a few scenes of her in the episode preceding this one and we  finally arrive back in the present time.

Yay, My thoughts were true, sit yo ass down Kodaka


Well after class, Kodaka goes up to asks Yozora about cutting her hair. Yozora mentions the night of the festival and the water they needed to use on her flaming hair, she says that it smelled funny and she couldn’t wash it off. While saying this, the rest of the class misunderstands pretty badily. The two run to the stairs to continue their conversation.

It is kinda refreshing to see Yozora with shortened hair

Yozora gets a little compliment on her hair from Kodaka which makes her all blushy and they decide to continue their talk outside. Kodaka asks if Yozora knew that it was him from the start, why she bothered asking him for his name the first time they met. Kodaka more or less already knows that “Sora” is a girl. She was originally going to show up with a skirt on their last day but was too embarassed

Aaand eyecatch!

Yukimura, if you were a good underling, you would congratulate him…wait…

We skip scenes to our club house. Rika mistakes Yozora for a guy and starts going crazy in the all the Yaoi that could happen between the alleged hunk and Yozora. Yukimura is also shocked that Kodaka has bonded with another male. Sena is the only one that actually notices Yozora. Then she begins making fun of her, mostly because she thinks that Yozora got rejected (well…she got it half right, right?)

You can see how well that ended.  Anyways, Rika comes back and brings a cosplay outfit for Yozora to wear.

I sense defilement or words of staying a maiden from these sisters.

Yozora makes an awesome dude you know. But then Maria walks in and notices Yozora too. Somehow she was informed that hot guys eat girls (whoever told her knew what he/she was talking about) Then Yozora begins to scare Maria again.

Hands off, she’s MINE

Whilst getting scared off by Yozora, Kobato (YAAAAAY) shows up to ask Kodaka to help her with homework. Even Yozora’s charms (manly or feminine?) gets Kobato and even she is stunned.

Moving on, we have a flashback with Yozora and Kodaka one last time. Focusing on the events right before they went to the clubroom. Kodaka asks what he should call Yozora from here on in. Yozora replies with Kodaka continuing to calling Yozora. Kodaka then has a monlogue how that the two cannot continue from where they left off. Also that they need keep this a secret from everyone else

Yozora and Sena bickering, Kobato and Maria fighting, Rika being a pervert, and Yukimura acting girly, and Kodaka in the middle of all of this. Another day in the Neighbor’s Club, founded by two childhood friends.

Fianlly, Yozora adamantly declares plans for new activities

And thats how are season ends…

Man am I going to miss these creeps

Series review will be up in a few days!

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