The IDOLM@STER Series Review

The IDOLM@STER Series Review

It’s like K-ON! only with around twice the girls, and also around 5 important guys

I’m sorry, I just had to

I want to apologize for lazing out in the last half of the series. Cute girls doing cute things apparently grew out of me. But I guess I would rather watch it and not just made a full blown post about it. I have covered around half of the series or at least 3/4 of it and I apologize for not covering it fully. But I will try to bring it to full circle in this post

Well, where to start with this series? It’s been a few months since I’ve down a real series review and I keep forgetting how to do them properly. Anyways, the series was in the high average section at least. It all starts out light hearted comedy and friendship like. Then they get a little more famous that gets them seperated. Near the end, it’s mostly drama. You could easily say the “lead” characters are Haruka, Chihaya, and Miki. Why? Well we see the three the most and their characters are explored the most. I guess a little character list would fit in nicely. Warning! Informal style of character opinions

  • Haruka: The “middle” girl instead of the usual “middle man”. Haruka is the girl who keeps everyone together like glue. How COULD I even begin to hate her? The answer: I couldn’t. She gave the drama effect next to Chihaya mostly about her will to keep everyone together.
  • Iori: Voiced by Rie Kugimiya! But because of little to zero love interest, little tsun was needed so she was eh.
  • Ami Twins: Comedic duo, their episode was crap but eh, they keep the boring office space lively.
  • Yayoi: She’s so poor and naive, it’s so cute
  • Hibiki: We just needed moar
  • Chihaya: The other half of the drama duo. Her family problems really messed her up (but compared to other characters in other series that experienced this, she came out quite well). Emotional episode from here, prolly one of the best
  • Ritsuko: Glasses, preppy, organized, winsauce
  • Yukiho: Fear of men, crybaby, meh
  • Makoto: Man among girls, not the worst quality to have.
  • Azusa: I definitely like her short hair a lot better than her long hair, she looks less….clumsy. She’s also a bad drunk
  • Takane: ~Mysterious as the dark side of the moooon~
  • Miki: Miki takes a better turn through the series. Lazy but hot turns to hardworking and still hot. She might be a little possessive when it comes to our producer man.
  • Otonashi: She needed moar screentime and singing damn you.

Shout outs to the Producer for not being a scrub and actually deserving the amount of praise he gets from his idols.

Ryuuguu Komachi, our heroines friendly “rivals”

To be completely honest, you could say I will be missing these characters. The series was definietly 90 percent light hearted and some episodes were a lot better than others. They focused an episode on one girl for the first half of the episodes so that got the characters down. I could see why they got the fanservice episode down really early so they could fit all the episodes where they had to work.

Short review doesn’t really give the series what it deserves. It’s not amazing per say, but it’s a series thats nice to see as there isn’t any romantic tension or fighting involved. A nice little break worthy of someone who isn’t demanding anything from this series (something I was doing for the series for a while). Music is good and plenty of characters to follow. Hell, even the preppy Jupiter guys become substantially nicer while their bossman is still a tremendous douche. There was actual drama in the last few episodes! Who knew?

Last episode topped it all off with a nice rendition (meh, rehased with different animation) of our first opening and some romantic hints with (obvious) Miki and Haruka. Producer, y u no hook up with Azusa or Otonashi?

Before I loose this chance, Top 5 characters!

Shout outs to Haruka though.

I’m pretty open to how I judge a series. I can either call it from terrible to terrific or any colorful adjective in between or I can just give it a number. This series? An 8.5

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