Hidan no Aria OVA Mini Review

Hidan no Aria OVA Mini Review

Just like the IS OVA review, this will be short. Very little to cover and small things to talk about

If you have followed this site for the past….ummm was it 6 months? I don’t know it’s been a while. But I have indeed covered Hidan no Aria and needless to say, it sucked shit. The main characters were a bore and extremely easy to hate while the characters themselves just looked..anorexic. You could ask, “Hey hippie, y u review such shitty anime?” Well before I even watched the anime or hear it turn into an anime, I read the manga. I admit, the manga was “sort of” interesting and I didn’t hate Aria as much (because I didn’t need to hear her voice.) The art was what drew me into this series. Kore wa Zombie and Hidan no Aria share the same artists duo (Kobuichi and Muririn, I f*cking ADORE there art, I actually posted a few of them on the pages) which is why I was attracted to the characters.

Good art can make even Aria look a little cuter

Something in my months of experience in running an anime site told me that Aria would be voiced by the one and only, Rie Kugimiya (whose voice makes me cringe, the only character she voices that I don’t hate is Kagura from Gintama). I thought if I could tolerate Aria, I could tolerate the show. But even after ignoring that little pile of pink haired trash I had to deal with the ugly characters. Watch the anime and see the pictures I have posted on this site, hell, even Aria looks nice in the original art.

So after the crappy anime that only had one character I actually liked (and she only appeared in 2 episodes) I was overjoyed that it ended. God forbid a second season, maybe if they could miraculously changed voice actors and got good animations, maybe I would consider it. Okay, I’ll stop my ranting, lets talk about the OVA

To be honest, OVA wasn’t that special. Much like the IS OVA, most characters show up to do random shit. In IS, they cooked and Houki got the final moments, while in HnA they give us a horror story in a hot springs inn. We got to see their teacher…wait they had teachers for this? Huh. Anyways, I just saw this episode/ova just for Jeanne, other than that, I don’t really like everyone. I don’t really hate, but Jeanne just seems the least…competetive for our loser.

Aria is just un-likeable, Shirayuki is kinda…too worried, Reki is too anorexic, and Riko acts like the clingy girl. Some of these are good qualities but sometimes if the main lead is that bad (Kinji is okay but Aria makes everything worse) you just don’t like everyone else. What goes on in the OVA is theres a “Grudge” like being going around the inn. Everyone thinks its a test for them to solve but they all get their asses kicked. But in the end, it was either really a test or a mysterious event, as they repeat the events leading up to their defeat in the inn.

Meh series, Meh OVA, not much to say here.

Don’t get me started on talking about tsunderes. Seriously, there are VERY FEW exceptions when it come to tsunderes that me and Light actually do not hate.

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    • apparently she has around 7 younger sisters with the same -yuki suffix in their firstnames (example: Konayuki, one of her sisters that shows up in the light novel)

    • It’s pretty much assured that there isn’t going to be a second season. Not so sure on the 2nd OVA though. Look at that, I found someone who likes the series.

  1. I actually liked the series and I know I’m not the only one. I actually liked Aria because she was hilarious to watch (in my opinion) and Reki is the coolest to me (who cares if she’s skinny?)
    ****SPOILER ALERT!*****
    The only thing i didn’t like was how vlad was played at the end. The “Harrr Harrr Harrr” laugh made the ending pretty much a joke while it was supposed to be a serious ending. The OVA was alittle wierd I’ll admit. It went from funny and cute in the beginning and slowly got creepier and creepier. Fyi they’re going to dub the series from what ive heard.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that just because YOU (one person) didn’t like it does not mean it sucked s***.

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