Boku ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Episode 11 Review

Alright, Alright, who DIDN’T see the end coming? It was obvious as a….hmm, can’t really think of a snarky line, I guess being hungry and cold while typing doesn’t help.

So while I blast Nujabes into my ears, lets get to it

THIS PICTURE IS RELEVANT (yes, even in the right side of the picture)

There won’t be a lot of screen caps this ep, sorry everyone

And you shall soon understand why!

Episode begins with Kodaka dreaming about his good old friend again. No offense to our manly main character but get over it man, that kind of “best-friends til the end then I moved” scenario happened to me twice. Anyways, we skip to our regular school day for our crew. Everyone is doing their thing and then Yozora mentions an upcoming festival which sparks the interests of our crew. However Yozora shows no interest in going to a festival with a bunch of people. Rika supports her and tells us a story how she tried to go to a convention.

She had to go home early due to the amount of people but was able to get some the people she worked with to get her some premium items (wish I had such connections).

The group then gets talking about takoyaki (it’s basically fried batter with some octopus inside) and Kodaka goes off reminiscing (I can’t spell these kinds of things off the top of my head) Using that as a hook, Sena, Kobato, Maria and Yukimura decide to tag along Kodaka to get some takoyaki at the festival. Upon hearing this, Yozora and Rika decide to join in, using said takoyaki as an excuse.

That evening Kodaka and Kobato arrive to meet the rest of the gang, minus Sena. We get to see Yukimura in a girly yukata while we see Rika in a yukata with her hair down. Kodaka gives her compliment and she goes moe. Maria is in one

 but then Sena shows up and takes the show. So much in fact that Yozora needs to hit Kodaka in the head for gawking.

Yeah I don’t know, something doesn’t look “right”

Yozora doesn’t want to wear a yukata but is urged for everyone to do so. She refuses and then Kodaka and Kobato decide to yukatas for themselves too. Kodaka also finally explains his blonde hair to Sena.

So our crew pigs out with the food and in th end, Kodaka is the only one willing to stay and party some moar. With the man staying, everyone else decides to join him on his run through the festival. Sena and Yozora face off against eachother in the games being held while the rest follow Kodaka around. Hell, Rika wins Kodaka a Xbox 360.

In the end, they top it off with a makeshift fireworks display. After a bunch of smaller firework play, they light off one big one, which accidentally gets on Yozora’s hair. No kidding, they get a bucket of water and uses it on her hair. Awkward silence and they all go home.

Summer break ends with a pretty anti-climatic note. Yozora hasn’t been in the club for the last few days. But that all changes when she walks in class, with her long hair cut (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, actually she looks a little better)

Kodaka, instantly recognizes that hairstyle alongside the face and gets up as she walks past him. He says the name, Sora. To which Yozora turns around and greets her old friend, Taka.

The funny thing is, they’re still in class.

Sorry for lack of pics everyone, I still got a few more posts planned

One thought on “Boku ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Episode 11 Review”

  1. Yep, they’re in class, but who cares for the professor anyway? They can jump into their world and everything will stand still…:D

    (that was sarcasm…:P)

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