Music of the Week #12

Lets not waste any time here

This week’s song is from the very rare Samurai Animes that aired for quite a while

Who could forget Kenshin? Our painfully kind samurai who has a pretty tragic story?

Yet another nostalgic memory for me, I remember the korean dub actually having an amazing voice cast. Unfortunetly, I couldn’t find the version of the ending I wanted, during the final lines of the chorus (mostly the final 30 seconds) I wanted the Saito fight against Kenshin instead of him going against Sanosuke.


Boku ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Episode 11 Review

Alright, Alright, who DIDN’T see the end coming? It was obvious as a….hmm, can’t really think of a snarky line, I guess being hungry and cold while typing doesn’t help.

So while I blast Nujabes into my ears, lets get to it

THIS PICTURE IS RELEVANT (yes, even in the right side of the picture)

There won’t be a lot of screen caps this ep, sorry everyone

And you shall soon understand why! Continue reading Boku ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Episode 11 Review