Gametalk 1: Luminous Arc 2 and Fate/Extra

It will not be often I talk about games, but you people like pictures, and these games have very nice ones.

So if you listened to me or have followed the Author’s Corner (which I highly doubt) you would have known that I bought some, fanservicey JRPG games. I bought Luminous Arc 2 and Fate/Extra. Allow me to talk about them for a while, while giving everyone their pictures :D. I apologize firsthand for not being able to post seriously on friday and saturday. Friday was me literally playing said games (and a few others) while saturday I worked for the Salvation Army (which you would have known if you read the Author’s Corner :p ). I guess you could consider this a review, but at the moment, I haven’t finished either of the games, so just my quick thoughts

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