IS-OVA Mini-Review and Analysis on male characters in harem (short)


Mini review because there literally isn’t that much to cover in an OVA. No progress (well, I guess a little one at the end) anyways, Imma just give off a few pictures and my thoughts on the OVA, and I guess the series in general, consider this a small “second look” if you will

OVA is basically like most OVA’s this season and back. It’s just our entire cast gathering to do stupid crap. Stupid but funny crap mind you, although I didn’t anything too funny in this one. Why? Well the male lead is a sore loser, thats why. It’s like he would bang his sister rather than choose between 5 (hell, I only like 2 of them) nice girls.

It’s basically summer and Charlotte comes to visit Ichika, then Cecillia breaks the party and here comes the the rest of the cast. They play a game, cook, eat dinner, bleh, not enough action. Somehow a semi mech series turned into a complete highschool love comedy. Hell if it wasn’t for Cecillia firing her gun on a pot of stew a newcomer to the series would say, what a boring highschool anime. Second part is focused on Houki (we get a nice service too) and we get to see our redhead, Ran, again. Houki actually gained some points this time around. Moreso when she got her miko outfit on. Houki once again gets the final scene with Ichika. They pull of a confession during a firework scene so Ichika doesn’t hear it (not like he would anyway).

I watched the first few episodes again. Everything with the terms of the IS, the system, the energy shield/count, whatever. It sounded pretty cool and I wished it would continue that way. The last half of the series literally was just about the girls and nothing more. They pulled out Houki’s IS pretty quickly. Know what I find strange? If I was reading the light novel, I would consider this part average, but in the anime it felt…kinda off. I don’t know, the last few episodes of the series were just, bleh, just gimme how it ends. I guess it was that the first half didn’t garner enough attention so they scrapped the idea of fighting and just focused on a few extra shots of girls here and there. But either way I just HATE Ichika and his damn morals.

I could consider him as the worst harem lead right next to Yuuto from Omamori and some other characters. I would mention Makoto from School Days (I hates the series in general) but at LEAST he got some. I guess this is where Ichika and a lot of harem lead’s morals comes in. Makoto was a fag who decided to screw his girlfriend and the girl who hooked them up because she liked him too. This also brings up characters like Tomoki (whose constant appearance as a chibi gets my pretty pissed) and the main from R-15 (I don’t care for him so much, I forgot his name). He acts all perverted but never really backs it up for real.

THERE ARE TWO SERIES that Light is covering that actually had something for me to definitely praise and ridicule about. Either he gets to them or I do. If not, wait for the series review.

I guess the IDEAL character I’m asking for is a guy who can actually

  • Either fight alongside the girlies or fight FOR the girlies (example: Aikawa from Zombie)
  • Either have a REALLY nice relationship with all the girls or pick 1 and stick with her (Manaka from Ichigo, Tomoya from Clannad, Hayate from HnG)
  • Show some manly development (in the spiritual sense) (Like Simon and [somewhat] what Guilty Crown is doing)
  • Just be a boss, don’t act like a bitch, act like a guy who knows what he’s doing (Kodaka from Bokutomo and Kyosuke from Oreimo)
  • To be extreme: Have girls fawn all over the main and have the the main INTENTIONALLY have little to no feelings for them (Katsuragi, but he’s cracking up I think)
  • Have the character be outright, a complete dumbass (Baka Test)
  • Or just don’t fix up the main lead and give us what Amagami did

List of characters I hate: Yuuto (Omamori), Rito (TLR), Ichika (IS), Ikuto (NA), Takuto (R-15), thats all I can say for now.

Damn I went offtopic, lemme wrap this up here.

So, would I like a second season? I….GUESS, I would but. If it eventually by pure chance DOES come out, I will watch it, if not, well I aint complaining.


Just gimme two of the girls and we have a deal.

A great series needs a great main character, either that, or just girls that are off the charts (at least in this the shounen genre). But then again, a great main character will make the best stories.

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