Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 10 Review


Only a few eps left

Not really much to talk about to open up this review, so lets get straight to it

This week’s episode finishes off what I like to call the swimsuit arc, mostly because they focus on going to the pool in one episode, then they discuss going to the summer resort, now it’s finally time for the resort.

So the crew does indeed decide to go Sena’s summer home to “train” Our crew gets on the commute train and gets on the the express train. The crew crowd around Kodaka.

Losing to 2 girls and a guy dressed as a maid…pssh

 First its the little girlies, then we have Yukimura and one seat left for either Yozora or Sena. Rika is off observing the train from the outside.

She’s getting wet cause of the train cars interlocking.

So our crew gets off the train and figure out that they need to walk an hour to actually get to the summer home. We witness some bickering and some other funny comments here and there as we see our crew walk to the oceanside house.

How sad (but a faithful rendition)

The crew arrives and they get to work on what they need to do. But either way, everyone gets to the beach and Rika mentions that they should try to pull off a “social” actions. More or less yelling, “It’s the beach!” with everyone (basically what they did in the opening), But they pretty much fail and decide to practice that some other time.

With an obvious beach episode, comes an obligatory….uhh, I guess lotion scene. We have Kobato getting helped by Kodaka, naturally. Maria asks Kodaka for help as well. Still okay. But Yukimura? No comment. But Yukimura decides to help Kodaka while he helps out the girls.

Yozora’s face is awesome


This actions of seeing man assist man incites the burning passion (of BL) from Rika who faints upon seeing the deed.

Sena apparently wants some of Kodaka’s attention. But it’s been 10 episodeS, we know that she isn’t that brave in speaking her mind to Kodaka. So instead of her guy of her dreams, she chooses her worst enemy to apply some lotion on her.

 Sena lies down and Yozora, instead of using her hands, uses her feet. Sena comments on how big Yozora’s hands feel but then realizies that Yozora’s feet are being used. The two start fighting and Sena finally gets up, only that her top is off. Once again, Kodaka (being the boss, doesn’t explode in noseblood or any reaction that was loud). Sena runs away

So while everyone else has fun at the beach. We skip scenes to a later time. Kodaka notices Sena alone and he approaches her. Sena asks the obvious question, “Did you see?” Kodaka once again, like a boss, answers the question like a pro and satisfies Sena’s curiosity, she then runs off (no, not crying). So montages of characters having fun

Skip scenes to Kodaka being the caretaker of these bunch of (lovable) wierdos as he goes to the market to buy ingredients for dinner. Then while he’s making said dinner, hears Yozora’s story of being in home economics club and being a social outcast at that time as well. Awkward but we digress

So after dinner, they now have nothing to do, but then the crew decides to tell scary stories to one another. Almost everyone’ story is not scary at all except Yozora’s that gets everyone (cept the guys) pretty well. Yozora blows out the candles, everyone screams and latches on to the nearest person or thing. Happens again after Yozora turns out the lights

Kodaka tries to sleep but then Sena comes to his room and asks him to escort her to the bathroom. He does so. He stays guard in front of the bathroom and walks her back.

He tries to go to sleep, then Kobato walks in. Bathroom.Rinse-repeat

Then Maria, bathroom (lol)

Then Rika, bathroom? Nope, just want to sleep next to him

Then Kodaka himself decides to go, only to find Yozora in front of the door.

Well with the deed done, we have a little Yozora moment and they see the sunrise. Kodaka didn’t get any sleep because he spent the night with the ladies~quite literally.

Good episode, pretty funny and a lot of service. Nice timing too, hopefully the pull off the last 2 episodes well

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