Pictures 4 as apology and thanks!

Pictures 4 as apology and thanks!

First off, today was the greatest day of this blog’s life. In terms of views of course. For atleast 3-4 months, the views on this site were just 300-400 views. Sometimes it would soar to 500 but rarely. But today was just a success. When I got up this morning to check on this site, I literally saw 250 views just in the morning, i was suprised to say the least. When I came back (from a bad day of school to be exact) from school I saw that we literally had 600 hits. I checked the search terms only to find “Encrypted Search Term”….So does this mean you people are seeing this site through a In-private searching session?

Anywho, I appreciate all who come to this humble site and I want to thank you for visiting

Thats the thanks part, whats there to apologize for?

Light’s absence of course, he will be back for the holidays….oh he better

Anyways, random assortment of pics, enjoy



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