Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 9 Review

Lets get it done

I’ll say it right now, great episode this week. We got plenty of Sena and Kobato which is ALWAYS a good thing. Apparently Light has been assigned more work than ever, and if that is certainly true, I will review or rather catch up to the Majikoi episodes

So without further ado, let us begin

It all begins with a regular day for the Hasegawas. Kodaka gets himself a text from Yozora to all the club members to bring swimwear or god knows why (so, they’re trying to make up Rika, Marias, and Yozora’s absence from last week’s semi-beach episode). On the way to the club, Kobato somehow senses Sena’s presence and hides behind “an-chan”. Sena arrives on que and Kobato tries to avoid her. The 3 enter the clubroom and find


If you didn’t notice the hair, it’s Yozora. Sena starts insulting her and she gets bitch-slap…err mouthed. So Yozora’s reason for doing this was my reasons, completely spot on. However, she learns that the crew left as soon as they did. So this troubles her less. So after getting harassed by Rika, Maria walks in to greet Kodaka only to get scared of Yozora and she starts trying to scare Maria off. But lets cut to the chase, what are we gonna do with all these limes! these swimsuits.

Sena apparently being of upper class decides that they could use her summer home for “training” for popularity and friendmaking (these morons don’t consider themselves friends eh?).

The next day, Kodaka gets a text from Sena that if Kodaka and Kobato didn’t have anything to do, they could come to her house so they or rather Kodaka could meet her father. Seeing as there wouldn’t be any problems they agree to. The two text Yozora suspiciously at the same time and we skip ahead to Kodaka and Kobato on the bus to Sena’s house Sena’s house is pretty impressive and as the two siblings approach the entrance they are greeted by a maid (I’m damn sure she ain’t a trap) and Sena’s dad who wears traditional wear.

Hah, Pegasus

 The two introduce themselves (Hasegawa’s) and Sena’s dad mentions that Kodaka has his father’s face while Kobato has Airi’s (their mother’s) face as well. He invites them to dinner, but the maid reminds her employer that he forget to mention his name. He tells us how his name is written (with heaven and horse) Kodaka finds that his name is Tenma but his servant says to read it as Pegasus which gets him a little angry. Quick to a small fit anger, I see where his daughter gets it from.

Anyways, the maid introduces herself as Stella

Just by looking? I wonder how it will be when….

At dinner Tenma talks about Hayato (Kodaka’s dad a lot) and talks about their younger days. Apparently Tenma was wanting to meet Kodaka for a while.

Hey Kodaka, look to your left, how could you not possibley see that?

As dinner is served Tenma catches Sena staring at Kodaka also, Kodaka gives a gift as thanks for allowing him to attend the school. Also, Kobato goes cute again. Hell she talks like her anime character does so much, every single time she says an-chan is pure gold. By the time, dinner is finished, they talk about Kodaka’s dad again. Tenma seems to be a little critical in his judgement and calls Hayato, “trash”. Kodaka gets up and defends his father.

Props to you Kodaka, you have the balls to stand up for your family name and it even in front of the girl!

After dinner, they tell him that he should stay the night as all the buses are done for the night and driving would be a “hassle”. Because they live in such a big house and being so rich, they already have rooms and spare clothes. As Sena and Kobato go take a bath, Tenma and Kodaka drink some grape juice or was it win? But Tenma’s gets drunk really fast. So as Tenma goes to a drunken slumber in Kodaka’s room Kodaka decides to find Stella so she can haul Tenma’s fatass out of there.

While walking around, Kobato runs out naked and Sena follows. Kobato doesn’t really care that she’s naked in front of her brother while Sena is completely flustered. She starts doing the ever so overused pervert name calling while Kodaka say that, that should should be his line. Sena runs away, and Stella walks in to help the two out.

So apparently Kodaka has to sleep in his bed, even if Tenma is sleeping on it. Stella explains that she sleeps naked and Kodaka has no other choice.

Kodaka sees that Tenma and Hayato were pretty good friends and he wonders if he will ever make such a friend, cut to the scene with Yozora. What Kodaka needs is a bro first and not a girlfriend.

So the next day, the two leave and Kobato promptly runs away after saying thanks to Sena and her dad. Sena asks if Kodaka remembers any “details” but Kodaka being the stud that he is uses the most legitimate excuse for not remembering any details about last night regarding Sena’s awesome body. He was partially drunk.

Sena, assured that he forgot (although she looked dissapointed) runs off for Kobato. Tenma immediately grabs Kodaka and tells him to take care of his daughter

License to screw, obtained.

Kodaka seeing how he has gotten a lot of ground on Sena and her father says yes and leaves, and calls Tenma, Pegasus. On the bus Kodaka gets pretty busy with answering texts, maybe he finally realizes that he has friends now

Man, Kodaka, what a boss

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